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Personal Information
Race Whale
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function Blue Water Siege Engine
Technical Specifications
Primary Killer Whale
Type Physical
Secondary Thar She Blows
Type Physical
Buster Colors Grey and White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Theme Song
Theme Song Link

Character Data

"*blowhole chuff*"


Melville is a recovered cybernetic animal formerly under the control of the Thule Society. A member of the species Physeter macrocephalus, or sperm whale, Melville was heavily augmented with armor plating and combat cybernetics to be used as a remotely controlled biological anti-ship weapon. Captured by Nebula, Melville is now commonly found in the vicinity of the Nebula warship "Colossus," but sometimes appears randomly to be a battle platform for ninja combat. While Melville can be directly controlled by Nebula operatives, Due to his extensive neural cybernetics, Melville has become as intelligent as a particularly bright, well-trained dog... a 20 meter long, multi-ton "dog" armed with missiles, lasers, and its own raw power.


Swimming, Clicking, "Fetch", Ramming The Hell Out Of Things, Mobile Stage