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Violent A
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Government
Function Juggalo Commander
Technical Specifications
Primary Gold Hatchet
Type Blade
Buster Colors Black & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush

Character Data

"Shangri-La comes from the blade of my hatchet."


Violent A, formerly Alexander Freeman, was born in a trailer in Mobile, Alabama. Coming from poverty meant that Alex had to work harder than anyone else just to keep up, and work he did. Alex sought the American dream with guts and toughness; he studied hard and eventually was admitted into West Point. Alex dreamed of being a great general and poured himself into his studies, but just as he graduated, the military was once again stripped down in favor of Repliforce. After serving a mandatory term of service, Alex left the military to try to find out what to do with himself. He spent some time working as a police officer in Detroit, where he was converted to the Juggalo faith through his girlfriend, who later became his wife. During the European occupation, Alex went overseas with his Juggalo brothers to fight the Mavericks as part of the underground. When the Mavericks were expelled, he stayed to help to create a new civilization for his comrades to occupy. His strategic genius and combat skills brought him to the top of the Juggalo military establishment. Now, finally, he lives his dream. Violent A only answers to the Juggalo Council, a rotating group of elders who guide the continuing growth of the Dark Carnival across the world.