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Ada Wong
Ada Wong.png
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction Independent
Divisions Command
Function Secret Agent
Technical Specifications
Primary Special Rocket Launcher
Type Explosive
Buster Colors White & Red
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"It looks like we have the upper hand here."


Ada Wong is a woman of mystery. She was at some point affiliated with the United Nations' intelligence apparatus, but has apparently been involved in industrial espionage at various points for and against the Umbrella Corporation. Even after many years, her involvement in the Raccoon City incident is still unclear. Today, Ada is apparently the de jure head of Legions, though is said to continue to do work for her CIA masters. (Or whoever her masters really are...) Beautiful and deadly, Ada's skills with infiltration and data collection put her among the world's most elite intelligence operatives. Ada's warm and personable personality is a convenient facade that conceals a remorseless professional. Many people in the intelligence community are suspicious of Ada's position in Legions, and are wondering just what the Americans may be planning. Ada and Leon Kennedy apparently have some sort of past history that neither will discuss. While Ada still appears friendly toward Leon, Leon seems apprehensive.


May Have Dated John Dillinger


  • 2220-08-18: Stage Two - Anger - Ada Wong tries to get Daryn killed. Or something like that.
  • 2221-05-08: Making Light - Radio arguments during B&C.
  • 2221-08-14: Fruit Salad - Molly Ribbita enlists the help of LEGIONS in exposing the crime of the century.
  • 2222-07-11: Peace Offering - Alloy attempts to make amends. Cinnamon isn’t having any of it.
  • 2227-12-14: The Pattern in the Noise - Nana pursues an epic mystery that turns out to be far more personal than she ever could have expected.

Cut Scenes


Her final mission.


"A woman needs her secrets -- other people's."

Heartless is an enigmatic woman. An elite intelligence operative, Heartless serves as Mr. King's right hand, acting as one of Miss Millions' spies and infiltrators. Little else is known of her. She appears to have no past at all, though her elite training clearly came from somewhere. As beautiful as she is deadly, Heartless prefers to use charm and guile over force, though is a capable human combatant when pushed. Heartless is often seen at the side of Mr. King, who appears to appreciate her beauty as only an old, crippled man with a lot of money can. Their relationship is ambiguous, and most people prefer not to ask too many questions about it out of good taste. Heartless appears to have a fondness for the finer things in life, which would explain her loyalty to Miss Millions and Mr. King.