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Admiral Wilhelm
Admiral Wilhelm.png
Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Function Air Fleet Commander
Technical Specifications
Primary Sabre Exemplar
Type Blade Electric
Secondary Sabre Sap
Type Blade Electric
OOC Information
Game Strider 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"We can only overcome the threats that face this world if we are united."


Admiral Niklas Wilhelm was one of the UN's most senior and respected military commanders. A pioneer of modern airfleet tactics, Wilhelm made his name during the Chinese Revolution by taking the Pacific from Chinese privateers. Wilhelm was an early supporter of the Repliforce, and helped to train many of its officers in its early days. When he decided that the United Nations had surrendered its mandate to keep the world unified, Wilhelm defected to Ouroboros in the hopes of uniting the world under a strong central authority. Now the commander of Ouroboros' sky fleet, Wilhelm prowls the sky in the Balrog II, once more seeking to take the Pacific. A principled, honest man, Wilhelm's defection has not been easy on him or his loyal men. The former captain of the UN Navy fencing team, Wilhelm's German style was used as the template for the Colonel's combat form.