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Adolf Hitler
Der Führer
Der Führer
Personal Information
Real Name Adolf Hitler
Code Name Master-D, The Leader
Race Human
Gender Male
Creator/s Alois Hitler & Klara Pölzl
Birth Date April 20, 1899
Death April 30, 1945 & Septemer 24, 2223
Serial Number Redacted
Faction Presumed Dead
Divisions Imperials
Function Führer of the Third Reich
Assignment Establish a Thousand Year Reich
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty National Socialism
Secondary Specialty Flipping Out
Weapons The Imperial Army
Primary Super Aryan Disapproves
Type Physical Force
Secondary Operation Eisenfaust
Type Electric
Buster Colors Brown & Brown
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Adolf Hitler
Theme Song

Character Data

"You damned fool."


Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and the primary force behind the Second World War. Believed dead in the aftermath, he was instead made immortal by the enigmatic Miss Millions and cryogenically preserved beneath what would one day become Disney Universe. Recovered by Overclock, Hitler attempted to establish a new Reich, but was stopped by the Bionic Commando. Rescused by Millions, she attempted to use him to conquer Las Vegas at the end of the Zodiac War, but the Führer was finally killed, his atoms scattered to the four winds as his magnificent cybernetic warframe was destroyed around him.


National Socialism, Personal Magnetism, Inspiring Nationalist Fervor, Flipping Out, Paranoia, Exploding, Cursing The Americans, Cursing Nathan Spencer, Surviving Death, Immortality, Except For That Being Spread Into Component Atoms Bit


Born the son of a poor Austrian family, Hitler was an aspiring art student who was swept up in German nationalism from a young age. A veteran of the first World War, he began to get involved in German politics, leveraging his charisma to gain more and more power while spreading both his influence and his antisemitic beliefs. After more than a decade of ups and downs his National Socialst, or Nazi party, became the most powerful political force in Germany.

As chancellor, he consolidated power for himself and built up Germany's military strength. This resulted in the second World War. Hitler's armies conquered most of Europe before their eventual defeat at the hands of America, England, Russia, and their allies, but not before arranging the deaths of over six million Jews and other "undesirables" in concentration camps.

Along the way, he and his Nazis pursued occult powers through the use of OOParts and other relic technologies. One such experiment to make Hitler immortal created the woman known as Victory. While Victory became an excellent Nazi agent, Hitler was disappointed in not becoming a super-powered übermensch. Still, research continued even as the war ground on toward its inevitable conclusion.

Hitler was believed to have killed himself in the last days of the European war. He made a good attempt at it. Allied agents destroyed his body... but he lived on, the nanotech infection reconstructing his brain from ashes days later. The experiment that created Victory had given her powers, but had only made his malevolent mind immortal. She retrieved him and had him placed in a crude mechanical body, during which he had bizarre adventures throughout the early 21st century... but finally the Leader was brought down, and his brain cryogenically frozen by United Nations agents.

In 2221, the Maverick Overclock, ostensibly hoping to steal the cryogenically frozen brain of Walt Disney, accidentally recovered the frozen brain of Hitler. Overclock gleefully revived the tyrant and helped him with his schemes. The Leader set about establishing an army on an island belonging to Disney Universe, only to be defeated by Nathan Spencer and his allies. Hitler's body was lost in the ocean, but his brain was once more recovered by Miss Millions.

Hilter resurfaced in 2223 in a new cybernetic assault body, striking out from Miss Millions's base in Las Vegas in an attempt to conquer the United State. Immediately assaulted by Allied forces, Hilter's body was ultimately hurled into subspace before he could fire a superweapon at Washington D.C. The Leader is believed forever lost in the void.


  • Hitler was apparently made immortal by exposure to the Spear of Destiny.
  • It is unclear whether Hitler was actually aware that he was, in fact, Miss Millions's pawn.
  • He's very, very, very dead. Right?


Not exactly what his body looked like, but isn't it an amusing piece of art?


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