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Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Male
Faction Versus
Function Mega Man of Wind
Technical Specifications
Primary Jian Assassination
Type Blade
Secondary Heaven's Destroying Retribution
Type Force
Buster Colors Green & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX Advent
Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor
Theme Song Sonne - Rammstein

Character Data

"You fear what you don't understand, and eliminate what you fear."


Aeolus is Atlas' lieutenant, though only under protest. While Atlas is blunt due to not knowing any better, Aeolus' coldness is a result of his belief that he is a superior being to all other forms of life, including his own "family". A genetically engineered superhuman, or "Mega Man", Aeolus was developed to have incredible hand-eye coordination and precision of movement, allowing him to become a master swordsman at a very young age. Raised in seclusion within a series of Black SHIELD laboratories, Aeolus trained with his family to become supremely effective killing machines. Aeolus in particular took to the study of melee combat and sword-fighting, finding that his incredible coordination allowed him to demolish his opponents with his blade. Like his brothers and sister, Aeolus is extremely well-educated, with his specialties being in philosophy and logic. Aeolus is not well liked because of his haughty manner, and his rigid desire for perfection often manifests as symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Aeolus believes that he should be in command of the Aesir, and only grudgingly accepts her leadership. Aeolus often picks on his "little brother" Thetis because of his alleged soft-heartedness.


Not Sage Harpuia, Martial Arts (Strider-Fu), Swordsman, Better Than Atlas, Better Than You, Picking On Thetis, Blatant Disregard For All Life, Prick, Sage Harpuia, Windbag, Knowledge: Philosophy, Using Nietzsche To Justify Everything, Good (In The Homeric Philosophy Sense), Above Morality, Will To Power, Bad Comedy






Model H