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Personal Information
Race E-Human
Gender Female
Faction Versus
Function The Empress' Hand
Technical Specifications
Primary Heaven Rain Down
Type Fire Ice
Secondary Copy Jab
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Theme Song

Character Data

"The power within me is the power to create my future."


Aile is a woman dedicated to her family. A genetically engineered superhuman, or "Mega Man," Ouroboros developed Aile to be a carrier of the converged data of Model F and Model L, along with numerous other Biometal samples. Like Vent, Aile was raised separately from her four older siblings, spending far longer in intensive training to prepare her for her role as protector of the Empress Atlas. Thoughtful and literate, Aile took to scholarly pursuits from a young age. Her training in diplomacy and court protocol is without peer, making her well suited to serve as guardian and advisor to the Empress. While she is naturally curious about the world, Aile is an introvert who people sometimes misread as aloof or uncaring. Aile is much more comfortable in combat where she can let her actions speak louder than her words. Sometimes Aile gets a little too excited in the heat of battle, particularly when she uses explosives. Her high-spirited brother Vent often exasperates Aile, but she loves him in spite of his roughness. Aile greatly admires Atlas, and the two have quickly developed a strong empathic bond.


Languages (most), Diplomacy, Protocol, Public Relations (Event Planning), Science (Chemistry, Materials Science), Martial Arts (Judo, Aikido, Metal Style), All-Terrain Woman, Fluttershy And Pinkie Pie Gestalt




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