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AirCon Man
AirCon Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Air Conditioner Man Wily
Code Name AirCon Man, AC, Freon
Race Android
Gender male
Serial Number SWN ???
Email No known Email
Faction Robot Masters
Function Air Support
Assignment Chillin'
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Cooling stuff down
Secondary Specialty Getting lost
Primary Barrier Wind
Type Force Ice
Secondary Vacuum Fan
Type Force
OOC Information
Game Megaman and Bass WS
Theme Song

Character Data

"I wonder where I'll end up next."


AirCon Man is a reprogrammed Robot Overlord who has a vague resemblance to Air Man. Crudely constructed, AirCon was constructed by Scott Wily to be a dorm room air conditioner. AirCon did this task very well until Scott Wily graduated from college, forcing him to return to the care of Constance Wily for a time. Fatefully, AirCon Man's notoriously poor sense of direction caused him to get lost one day, beginning a series of wild adventures that ended with him rejoining some of his brothers in the Irregulars. Captured by Dr. Regal, AirCon Man has left the Irregulars behind and now serves a Wily once more. Laid-back and cheerful, AirCon Man rarely gets upset even in the most trying situations. He tends to go along with the crowd, content to watch the parade of life go by while he sits on the sidelines, cooling it.


Ends Up In Weirder Places Than Cut Man, Ryouga-esque, Speaks Any Language He Needs To Speak Just Well Enough To Make A Critical Gaffe, Traveling Matt, Would Follow The Grateful Dead Around If He Could Remember The Directions, He's Been Everywhere, Man, Crossed The Deserts Bare, Man, Has Breathed The Mountain Air, Man, Travel, He's Had His Share, Man




  • 2229-06-16: The Dark Man of Venus - Dark Man randomly attacks a starforce outpost on Venus. Impromptu interviews and combat ensue.

Cut Scenes