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Air Wraith
Personal Information
Real Name Air Wraith
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Death February 16, 2214
Faction Maverick Hunters
Function Aerial Defense
Technical Specifications
Primary Wraith Stopper
Type Energy
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Stay on target!"


Usually calm, and collected, Air Wraith has what could be considered a 'healthy' ego. While down right friendly outside of a combat situation, he does tend to go on about what he!s done in combat to anyone willing to listen. Originally a member of Repliforce, he ended up joining the Hunters not long after they were originally formed. While Air Wraith may not be physically strong enough to pull the ears off of a Gundark, he is armed with various ranged weapons, as well as a timestopper like weapon, the Wraith Stopper, which can freeze time around him for a few short moments, even when he is flying. His constant need to be the center of attention tends to put him at odds from time to time with his fellow Maverick Hunters, who tend to pass off his stories as works of fiction; while in combat this need tends to force him into situations he could've easily avoided.


  • Murdered by Double, who accidentally revealed his duplicitous nature and the Maverick plot to frame Repliforce.
  • The Hunter VTOL was named in his memory.


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