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The Guild Sweetheart
"I have a kind of obscure canon first name! That's waaaay more than most Monster Hunter NPCs get."
"I have a kind of obscure canon first name! That's waaaay more than most Monster Hunter NPCs get."
Personal Information
Real Name Aisha Hart
Code Name Guild Sweetheart
Race Adept
Gender Female
Faction Versus
Function Whatever It Is A Guild Sweetheart Does
Technical Specifications
Weapons Petrified Blade, Revenge Hammer
Primary Full Charge Slash
Type Blade
Secondary Dinosaur Cutter
Type Blade
Buster Colors Orange & White
OOC Information
Game Monster Hunter 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"Alright everyone, good luck, don't get eaten! ---Ack! Wait! No! I'm coming, I gotta find my stuff!"


Aisha Hart joined the Hunter's Guild as a receptionist and dispatch in the Kokoto Lodge, earning the nickname 'Guild Sweetheart' thanks to her blisteringly positive and earnest manner. It was something of a surprise to the Hunters when she was declared the leader of the Guild Knights, the graduates of Sumeragi's A-Lister program. Unbeknownst to anyone beforehand, Aisha was formerly a student of Mai Atsuki's who came to dislike the work she was being prepared for, disappearing during a chaotic mission and written off as missing. She resurfaced within the Hunter's Guild, keeping a low profile, hoping to find a cause she could fight for with all of her conviction. Aisha is as devoted to keeping spirits up for everyone around her as she is striving to increase what she refers to as the net happiness of the world. While she is a hard worker who takes her tasks seriously, she is prone to miss details, but always tries to make up for it with stubborn enthusiasm. Even deadly serious topics don't seem to dim her optimism. Aisha is a well-trained combat prodigy whose Septimal link to her gear supplements her natural S-Gene advantages, and she wields either the enormous Petrified Blade or the Revenge Hammer with equal ease.


Imgurian, Unspeakably Positive, Constant Strider Stunts, Never Sad On Main, Bad At Dispensing Strider Wisdom But Still Tries Her Best, Love Reacts Only, Can Not Stop, Will Never Stop, For A Happier World, A Better World, Everyone Here Is Cute, Dramatically Convenient Forgetfulness, Top-Tier Quirk Level, Take A Look, It's In A Book, Jill Of Many Trades, Master Of Very Few, Makes Her Own Cosplay Outfits, Made The Guildmarm's Too, Possibly Meddy's Sister From A Human Mother


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