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Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker.png
Personal Information
Real Name Albert Wesker
Race Tyrant
Gender Male
Birth Date October 13th ????
Serial Number Classified
Faction Grave
Function Liquid Snake
Assignment Where Are My Creepy Crawlers
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Business Administration
Secondary Specialty Asset Protection
Weapons Fists and Firearms.
Primary Windfall
Type Physical
Secondary Cobra Strike
Type Physical
Buster Colors Black with Red
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil
Theme Song

Character Data

"The right to be a god... that right is now mine."


Albert Wesker was born with a bottomless hunger for power. An unnaturally gifted child, Wesker was hired by Umbrella immediately out of college. His natural gifts for genetic science had him working beneath the illustrious James Marcus... until Marcus was no longer useful. Wesker joined STARS as a double agent on Umbrella's behalf, placing him in the middle of the Raccoon City incident. Disappearing for years afterward, Wesker abruptly re-emerged to retake Umbrella with his allies, integrating the firm into first Neo Arcadia, and later Ouroboros... once more, until it was no longer useful. Having brought an end to his association with Umbrella, Albert Wesker has thrown his lot in with yet another mysterious organization. A power-hungry megalomaniac, Albert Wesker's towering arrogance is only rivaled by his personal excellence. Physically dominant from his genetic augmentations, Wesker leverages his strength, speed and toughness with several martial arts, as well as a wide array of military hardware. Wealthy beyond most people's dreams, Wesker uses his vast resources toward a single end: Developing a new humanity to rule over the stars, with Wesker as their creator.


Biology (yes), Genetic Engineering (Bio-Organic Weapons, Virology, Human+), Business Administration, Military Science, Squad Tactics, Urban Combat, Languages (most), Leadership, Martial Arts (Escrima, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo), Looks Much Younger Than He Should, The Shades Are There For Your Protection, The Face Of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Just Plain Refuses To Die, Trolling Chris 24/7/365





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