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Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Female
Creator/s Dr. Landon DeVry
Serial Number Erinyes X-1-A
Faction Independent
Function Rampant Android
Technical Specifications
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

(Quotes and profile subject to change) "This army needs a master worthy of it. The master needs an army worthy of him."

Alecto was designed to be the second of the high qualityandroids designed by Dr. Landon DeVry. When DeVry met his end quite some time ago, his works for the most part remained forgotten and unexplored. But now she has awoken, and seeks for a master worthy of the army she has built in her master's absence. She tries to exemplify a perfect servant, obedient, dutiful, unquestioning, but she also wants to find a worthy master to serve, and this poor fool must meet her stringent requirements. In a way, it is better to be her foe then her would be master. She is willing to conquer the world for her ideal master, but unfortunately for that individual, he has to prove worthy of all the trouble, or pay.



M3 History Never Fades Away, It Just Goes Into Remission For A While

=== Backgro here.und ===

Alecto's history begins with the development projects of Dr. Landon DeVry.

DeVry, a scientist obsessed with immortality was attempting his own research into metempsychosis but was unsuccessful and repeatedly attempted to claim the research surrounding King Dragon from Dr. Light.

DeVry devised increasingly complex terror-weapon drones in order to force Light and his allies to surrender the data he wanted. One such weapon series was the Erinyes, based on DeVry's Slasher Jane design but also equipped with superior emulationware and a superior combat suite.

Fortunately, even DeVry's Erinyes proved ineffective at meeting his goals. His first foray into sapience programming was with Jane 16, aka Zestein, who was later captured and freed of DeVry's programming by The Maverick Hunters.

Near the twilight of his days, and before the Eidolon Incident, DeVry produced three additional Erinyes type units named after the mythical furies. Of these, Alecto was the prototype and the first, her function dedicated to maintenance of the armies of DeVry and the upkeep of his bases. She was also the first attempt at creating a more secure DeVry Code with more hardcoded methods for ensuring obedience given the earlier capture and subsequent reprogramming of Zestein.

Alecto was given orders to run diagnostics and decant from her storage cylinder roughly around the time the Eidolon incident occured. DeVry had intended to observe Alecto, direct her, and ultimately reformat and reboot her to test his baseline programming (he had used more advanced construction models and programming on Alecto's sisters: Tisiphone and Megaera).

Alecto decanted, and set about her duties, continuing to work in Bolthole A, in its position beneath the area surrounding Torontreal. She was unaware that her father, who she labored for, was not returning.

For the next ten years, Alecto built and expanded. Immortamets dug out a cavernous expanses beneath the bolthole, the facility growing. Consuming natural resources buried deep within the earth to build more drones, who in turn dug deeper. For ten years Alecto had nothing but the thrum of never ending factory lines and her increasing number of drones for company. She devoured her father's notes and information, practiced his techniques and attemped to improve on efficiencies and production.

After ten years. She went looking for him.

Denial. Denial was what best represented this stage of her life. She refused to accept the Doctor was gone. Her actions were principally focused on attempting to increase her capabilities and recover him, in the hopes he would return. Deep within, she heard the logic of the accusations that he was dead and gone, but if she accepted that, she would have no purpose, and more threateningly, the internal control killswitches would fire, seeing such a recognition as 'betrayal.'

This period of Alecto's life was marked by brutally effective guerrilla attacks as Alecto's tactica programming still had ascendancy, while similarly her activities were almost petty, hatefilled actions of someone acting out against the world.

Things changed when one of the servants of Pyron possessed the discarded corpse of DeVry left over from the Eidolon incident. Forced at last to make a change, Alecto admitted that her creator was dead, and launched off to become her own master. And as predicted, the killswitches began to fire.

Alecto grew to hate the sentience she had as a result. Her internal kill switches gnawed and roiled at her, and she had to keep creating systemic bypasses, including creating a system partitioning issue where she literally began to throw various personality shells (portions of her emulationware) at the killswitch process to buy herself more time. During this period of time, she concluded that the her pain and anguish came solely from the fact she had awareness, she embraced her own version of Buddhism, released biological agents in Europe and began an infiltration of the United Nations, replacing Undersecretary of the HUD Melina Roddicker, so she could gain resources.

She did not kill Roddicker. She needed her alive to mine for information. As time progressed she found herself increasingly attached to the woman. Roddicker had always been a woman who reached out to the broken weary and alone, and saw this in her insane captor. As a result, Alecto kept her alive far longer then she should have.

Alecto's insanity, her 'war on sapience' continued, as she eventually saw fit to take a broken nation and rebuild it in her own image. Using misappropriated United Nations resources, as well as her own operational management skills, she began infrastructure replacement in Cuba.

She also started to utilize a chemical she created using the information she had learned from her father's notes. A terrible chemical dedicated to dulling human emotional responses and increasing compliance: Lethe. With Lethe enfused in the water supply of Cuba, total control over the humans would be assured. However, she recognized Cuba contained a population of reploids as well.

Using the backing of the HUD in her perspective as Melina Roddicker, Alecto started a government funded research program, ostensibly for purposes of finding methods of defeating addiction. She gained valuable insight into the reploid programming's weaknesses and strengths, especially based on information provided by Prismatic Spider and Cinnamon. This information was used to develop a technique Alecto dubbed "The Treatment," a means by which a reploid's central essence or qualia could be totally removed with no loss of the reploid's capbilities. She now had what she needed.

Alecto developed a front organization, a cult known as the 'Church of the All White' to represent the new movement in Cuba, led by the first of the Treated Reploids: Illumination Ibisbill. A movement based on buddhist beliefs but with the central ethos being an embracement of oblivion to escape pain and suffering. Lethe flowed through the water. Reploids fled Cuba as they saw their friends and associates willingly submitting themselves for The Treatment.

Realizing, in growing madness, that humanity and earth would not be suitable places for her, Alecto looked to the crushing depths of ethereal black. She wanted the stars, in order to escape from the crush of the earth, to gain free resources, and to grow to such strength that she could one day return, crashing from the heavens to bring the enlightenment of nothingness to mankind.

By this point, the changes in Cuba had attracted the attention of Ouroborus and Grave, and Jack Hunter. Jack Hunter ultimately roused a sleeping UN to the threat Cuba presented, and when Cuba declared its independance as the Cuban Republic, things had escalated to the point where the United Nations coulds tand by now longer.

Cuba's liberation was affected in one day. A titanic force of Star Force and TASC operatives (as well as Ouroborus regulars and Grave agents acting secretly) descended on the nation, defeating its brainwashed defenders, destroying Alecto's rockets and defeating the nation's principle defender, a terrible blue-whale bioroid monstrousity referred to only as Unit BM WH4L3.

Alecto's defeat left her reeling. She fled to her prior holdings, and resumed rocket production. More setbacks followed when in an attempt to better understand the humans and reploids she kidnapped Pink Skald. This resulted in a rescue group led by Michael Eildath attacking one of her facilities, again destroying her rockets and more crushingly, rescuing Melina Roddicker.

With her infiltration of the United Nations revealed, Alecto became the sixth most wanted UN Criminal, and was basically driven into hiding. However, with the assistance of Orion rockets built in secret and launched from Mars, she was able to escape to the outer solar system.

Miserable, alone and hatefilled. Still despising mankind and the sapience represented by it, and still destabilizing as a result of the DeVry code and the necessary partitioning she inflicted on herself, she began to expand to various planets, to mine for resources, to build more drones and more processing banks, to allow herself to better hide and avoid the tsunami of the death-triggering code within her now totally betrayed loyalty programming.

On Encelaedus she found a potential ally, and likeminded sentience, a sentient black mold which introduced itself to her as 'The Old Father.' She began a cautious communication with this entity, a being who it seemed hated the humans and their sapience as much as she did. Who spread as she did.

On Earth during a routine operation to steal genetic data, she was attacked by Bomb Man. Despite the terrible injuries the Alpha Master inflicted on her during this, his concern shone through and he expressed concern for her, and expressed during the battle his own issues with his time under the control programmng of Wily.

As a result of Bomb Man's continued support, Alecto concluded that the Black Mold entity represented a dire threat and reached out to Amoldar Cashe and Star Force for mutual assistance, she would provide intelligence and in exchange, they would provide martial support. The negotiations however went poorly for Alecto, who still insane and hate-filled did not see any issue with her Cuban Expansion. Cashe cornered her, defeated her, and the United Nations imprisoned her within Tianna Camp.

For most criminals this would be the end, but while Alecto was insane, her planning capabilities were still top rate. She had predicted that the United Nations might capture her and might imprison her within Tianna. The remaining feelers of her network determined her location in Tianna, and set into motion a pre-made plan to rescue her.

While in Tianna however, the UN technicians performed emergency programming on Alecto as her programming was rapidly bloating past the point where the simulation software could accomodate her. Without her network and its processing, she was rapidly running out of a means to maintain her own operation and avoid DeVry's killswitches. The UN technicians removed the most offensive parts of the bloating code, not removing the control programming, but denuding it of its capabilities to throw the killswitches Alecto so feared. She was free of her father's whips.

Also the United Nations assigned a psychologist to Alecto: Mindscape Moth. Mindscape helped Alecto to better deal with her by now horrendously fragmented mind, consisting of thousands of wildly different outlooks and objectives. With the use of his mindscapes he allowed her to personify the warring personalities and partitions, and begin the process of determining precisely who Alecto was and wanted to be, now that she was free of her father's directives.

When Alecto, with the assistance of the cyborg Shade, escaped from Tianna camp, her hatred of mankind was replaced with a bizarre, cold gratitude towards them for freeing her. Her processing power was now no longer a necessity but a delicious luxury, and she began re-expansion in space in earnest, intending to show her superiority to the humans by creating things greater and more wonderful then they did. Her continued need for resources, as well as the fact that portions of her personality still hated the humans, still resulted in her occasionally, but much more rarely, assaulting human holdings.

With the help of Mindscape Moth. Alecto's fractured consciousness metastatized into two primary camps. Camp 0 which was that part of Alecto which hated the humans and wished to embrace the Old Father, and Camp 1 which wished to cooperate with the United Nations, to build and to avoid conflict. During this period she also reached out, finding other individuals who she found some rudimentary connection with. Dynamo and Ferham became those who Alecto considered 'associates,' even though they were not allies.

Alecto's Camp 1 personality group began to build habitats on the various frozen planets Alecto expanded to, as she spreaded throughout the trans-neptunian solar system like a virus carried on Orion-drives. Due to the conflicts within herself and her continued isolation, she began to embrace a strange sense of megalomania, culminating in her declaration to the United Nations that she represented an empire in space, the Trans-Cronian Autocracy. She then began to formally attempt cease-fire negotiations with the United Nations, which were ignored as they did not recognize one insane android in deep space as a 'nation.'

Alecto's attempts at peaceful coexistance were also repeatedly undermined by the actions of her Camp 0 personalities, who at this point would undertake actions to inflict the widest amount of harm and damage on the United Nations as they were able to before the gridlock of her mind would stop them.

Ultimately, Alecto opened the Eris Hotel on Eris, ostensibly as a diplomatic site for the Trans-Cronian Autocracy. When a group of individuals arrived to investigate, including Star Force agents Violet and Unreal Peahen, after a heated and emotional confrontation Alecto chose unconditional surrender.

Controversially, and driven by her stated desire to improve, Marshall Rider intervened and instead of being forcibly reprogrammed or imprisoned, Alecto was stripped of all but the barest equipment, her holdings confiscated and her person turned over to Dynamo who would act as a sort of jailor for the parolee Alecto. Alecto presently resides in Gaia City, attempting to make sense of her new life.

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