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The Red Queen
The Veronica Code
The Veronica Code
Personal Information
Real Name Alexia Ashford
Race Tyrant
Gender Female
Creator/s Alexander Ashford
Creation Date Mid-2195
Death October 31, 2214; October 28, 2219; March 14, 2221
Faction Black SHIELD
Function Queen Ant
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Genetic Engineering
Secondary Specialty Viral Warfare
Weapons Superior intellect, Progenitor-based viral warfare systems, henchmen, creatures, zombies
Primary Infestation
Type Corrosive
Secondary Prolapse
Type Physical
Buster Colors Red and White
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Voice Actor Karen Strassman
Theme Song [[theme::Alexia Ashford - First Theme]]

Character Data

"Some risks need to be taken for me to obtain unlimited power."


Alexia Ashford is the world's greatest mass murderer. A brilliant but deeply troubled geneticist, Alexia sought to create human perfection and immortality through the use of a highly engineered super-virus. She succeeded only in creating a virus of such potency and lethality that the entire Raccoon City area had to be sterilized with the Apocalypse Cannon to prevent its spread throughout the rest of the world. She survived the incident by some means and spent years underground, perfecting herself and her beloved virus. Alexia reemerged in Willamette, having destroyed the entire city with her revised T-Virus, and then was the mastermind behind Euro Arcadia's rise to power. Alexia created the defunct Weil Numbers using strange technology many believe she stole from the Professor. It was Alexia who ultimately was the cause of the worldwide T-Virus pandemic in 2221, killing a third of the human population and leaving entire nations in ruins. In the end, Alexia was an amoral monster, only interested in her own power, and was ultimately destroyed by the world's militaries in a final confrontation in Portugal. Alexia had a love for ants and the seeming perfection of their "society", and wanted to remake the world as an enormous ant-hill -- with her at the center. It was only fitting that she was ultimately destroyed by being transformed back into the human body she hated so much before being incinerated by General's Ion Cannon.


Genetic Engineering, Viral Warfare, Advanced Biotechnology, Recovered Technology, Ants, But Not Antz