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This man is your friend.He fights for freedom.
This man is your friend.
He fights for freedom.
Personal Information
Real Name Alloy Stuart
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Stuart
Birth Date 12th of March, 2207
Faction Unified Army
Divisions TASC Force
Function Action Hacker
Assignment Live
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Network Security
Secondary Specialty Simulation Design/Baking
Weapons Gravity, Lightning
Primary Pressure Storm
Type Electric Force
Secondary Vector Cannon - Chain Shot
Type Energy
Buster Colors Green & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"I do the good I can, where I can."


Alloy is an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances - or so he claims. A reploid with a gift for electronics and computer hacking, he eventually became a key member of the Hunters' support crew before his career took a darker turn, becoming embroiled in the shadow war against the Nebula Syndicate as a member of Gospel. After perilously treading a fine line between the increasingly questionable methods of Gospel and what his own conscience told him was the right thing to do, Alloy finally rejected the ideals of Mister Famous, Gospel's mentor, and helped thwart his plan to end civilisation. In the aftermath of this life-altering event, he still feels a nagging guilt in spite of his efforts to seek redemption for his poor choices. Ultimately this is what sets him apart; not his considerable skills or abilities, but an intensely moral code of ethics that has somehow seen him through the darkest periods in his life so far. It remains to be seen what else destiny has in store for him, but one thing is certain - Alloy has become quite extraordinary, emerging from trials of fire and darkness scarred but unbroken.


White Hat, Took A Few Levels In Badass, Made In Australia, Built Toyota Invincible, 2600Hz, Empathy, Knowledge: Cryptography, Languages: 'Yes', Can You Hear Me Alia?, Largest Rolodex On The Game, Resistance: Ninja, Weakness: ...?, Friend (Or At Least Honourable Adversary) To All, ...Maybe Some Psychological Defects, Action Survivor, Badass Bookworm To Genius Bruiser, Chosen One?, Smith Of The Yard On Anything Internet Related, (Network) Engineer Is Credit To Team!, Patron 5: Crown Thunder, I See Dead People Whenever The Plot Requires It, Your Guess Is As Good As Mine, The Boy Who Lived, Blessed


To Be Summarised.


  • Alloy's resume is a sheet of paper with his name on it.
  • His greatest weakness is the Grabbycopter.
  • Ninja assassins have not managed to kill him. Yet.
  • Reploids have no issue with polygamy.
  • Alloy really does see dead people.
  • He misses Siren.
  • He will never admit that he misses Siren.
  • On the other hand, he doesn't miss Cyber Peacock.


  • 2219-09-29: Potato Girl - Alloy gives Nana a potato.
  • 2219-10-02: Impress Me - Nana meets Nicole for the first time, and what follows after.
  • 2220-01-05: Deeper Still - Gospel hacks the UN.
  • 2220-01-10: The Forum - After a three-year disappearance, Siren.EXE returns to the Forum.
  • 2220-01-22: ATM Quest - Gospel finds a kloo.
  • 2220-01-28: The Fatal Four-Way - The N1 Grand Prix erupts into a grand melee, featuring Hyperconstruct Neo.
  • 2220-03-26: Assault on Pine Gap - Gospel and Grave race to attack a Black SHIELD facility.
  • 2220-06-02: Tiger By The Tail - The assembled forces of good, lead by Gospel, fight to free the remains of Duo.EXE from the vile grip of Vincente Sumiyama.
  • 2220-07-26: Creamland Pt. 4 - The adventure continues. The team assembles to rescue Princess Pride.
  • 2220-09-01: Cyber Shenanigans - Cyber Peacock leads the Hunter hacking brigade in a master class on trolling.
  • 2220-09-13: Once Too Many - Blues does a bad thing.
  • 2220-10-04: Unbearable Outrage - Nana decides to quit the Hunters and become an air pirate.
  • 2220-10-14: Point of No Return - Blues faces his second and last Hunter Tribunal.
  • 2220-12-06: Project Aesir - Working on a tip from Gospel, the Hunters explore Promise Island, a Project Aesir development facility.
  • 2220-12-17: The Man Behind The Curtain - Gospel meets the Professor, and finds the missing Midi and Techno.
  • 2220-12-18: The Second Battle of Sri Lanka - After Gospel conquers the pirate stronghold of Sri Lanka, Repliforce decides to kill them and then make fun of them about it because... reasons.
  • 2220-12-20: When The Smoke Cleared - After the battle of Sri Lanka, Gospel takes stock of what they have left. It's not much.
  • 2220-12-20: When The Smoke Cleared, pt. 2 - Gospel convenes a meeting to figure out what to do next, which is rudely interrupted.
  • 2221-01-02: Zombie Tactics - Radios and board posts from the zombie apocalypse. Spam ahoy!
  • 2221-01-14: The End of the Line - Nana struggles with Riot's death in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.
  • 2221-02-19: Nightmare Dive - Alloy tries to help Nana with her bad dreams.
  • 2221-02-21: The Goddamn Shellfish Talks To Alloy - Teresa has been taken away by Gemini Man. Shield Shellfish wants to follow.
  • 2221-03-14: Aldar Rof, pt 2: The Wolf Age - Do you still seek to know? And what?
  • 2221-03-14: Aldar Rof - Gospel and Grave meet for a final battle.
  • 2221-04-30: The Houseman Fanfic Method - People chat with the newly-spectral Dr. Light on Hunter radio... then it veers to very wrong places indeed.
  • 2221-05-22: 25z - In pursuit of her lost time, Shield Shellfish goes to Alloy for answers.
  • 2222-07-10: Smiling Faces And Open Arms - Dr. James Marcus is in LEGIONS custody. The Hunters decide an assassination is in order.
  • 2222-07-11: Peace Offering - Alloy attempts to make amends. Cinnamon isn’t having any of it.
  • 2222-09-23: Date Night - Geo and Sonia go on a date, and so do two nosy Maverick Hunters!
  • 2223-02-09: Alloy And Crucis Crozier - Come see the saucy Aussie track the most dangerous prey in Second Life!
  • 2223-02-10: The Hedonistic FMian - Ciel's possession comes to a head in Neo-Tokyo.
  • 2223-08-14: Monster Hospital - Silver Horn has crossed Nana for the last time.
  • 2224-07-08: Tzaraath Interlude - Some speculation and conjecture before things inevitably take a turn for the worse.
  • 2224-09-19: Killing The Hunters Part 2 - Mike, Rock, and Alloy take the faction out behind the shed and do what must be done.
  • 2224-10-21: Some Kind Of Dino Crisis Part 1 - Dimensional disturbances and a lost team on Ibis Island bring assorted heroes and villains in to deal with it.
  • 2224-10-22: Some Kind Of Dino Crisis Part 2 - After a fearsome battle with a T. rex, the group on Ibis Island closes in on the lab of the insane Dr. Edward Kirk.
  • 2225-05-10: The Unveiling of Tau - Gate reveals his plans for Tau. Doctor Doppler does something horrific to Double.
  • 2225-05-19: Paradise Fountain - While General makes his final stand, others attempt to prevent the end of Innerpeace.
  • 2227-08-31: Street Fighter: Tribute to the Master - The dimensional crusade strikes directly at Vega to end Shadaloo's threat and rescue Luna Platz.
  • 2227-10-27: Aloysius Stuart D.D.S. - Alloy and Marino vacation in 1877. Or something like that.
  • 2228-04-16: Aloysius Stuart - Bounty Hunter - Aloysius Stuart and Billy Bob team up to take on the bandit Jake "Cutter" Stuart.
  • 2229-04-09: Hunting Season - A distress call from Val Verde marks the return of an escaped project of Dr. Kirk. People show up to investigate. Theseus is officialy done with the doctor.
  • 2229-11-10: Which Can Aeternal Lie - Reaverbots are sighted at a tomb deep in the Sahara Desert... what secrets could sleep beneath the shifting sands?
  • 2229-11-12: Silent Lucidity - Relax child, you were there, but only didn't realize it and you were scared.
  • 2229-11-13: What Dreams May Come - Hush now baby, don't say a word, and never mind that voice you heard. It's just the beast under your bed, in your closet, in your head!
  • 2229-11-14: Anakaris Interlude - Alloy - Recovered from Slumberland, Anakaris has a chat with the ever-curious Alloy.
  • 2229-12-10: New Horizons - Kelvin reaches out to Alloy to teach him how to action hack so as to better understand Dual Avatar; Alloy gains an apprentice.
  • 2230-02-05: Like an Alloy in the Dark - Mouse attempts some random thievery but then--an Aussie appears! Command?
  • 2230-02-12: The Val Verde Casino Raid - Alloy, Cinnamon and Anthem stage a daring raid on a Dotcom-owned casino in Val Verde to steal an evil magic sword. Everything goes wrong, to no one’s surprise.
  • 2230-03-19: Return to Wazap - Versus and friends arrive to Wazap in 1999 in search of the Azran Legacy. They meet some old/new foes/friends.... further results

Cut Scenes

  • 2229-03-28: No Other Choice - Alloy ponders his role in past events, and those yet to come.