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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Faction Maverick Hunters
Function Juggalo Warrior
Technical Specifications
Primary When Hell Freezes Over
Type Fire Ice
Secondary Pigkleaver
Type Blade
Buster Colors Black & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Theme Song

Character Data

"They say Shangri-La cannot exist in this world, but I saw it when my hand gripped this hatchet, and I see it in your eyes."


Built from Dr. Cain's schematics, Alpha was actually constructed as part of a UN project ultimately signed off on by the Professor to try and replicate the Maverick Virus to gain better understanding of it. Naturally she escaped the UN to the Hunters and gained a variety of complexes based on the troubles in the early stages of her development. While originally a shy, quiet, and friendly Hunter very invested in the Hunter 'Family', this aspect of her did not last very long before her complexes resulted in her fleeing to the Mavericks during a moment of weakness though she would inevitably be cured. At first she returned to her old persona within the Hunters, but her blood debt to the Hunters became particularly stressful after multiple series of betrayals and losses in her 'Family' led her to question what was truly 'Family' in the Hunters. She had found herself shifting away from that solidarity and though her loyalty never wavered, her wrath grew out of control. In a standard Hunter response against a Robot Master attack on Detroit led by Pharaoh Man, she found an unusual comradery amongst the Juggalo populace and was inspired by their bravery. Finding solidarity there, she was a devoted follower dedicated to being a model Juggalo as a form of repentance and her wrath found a good place to nest. It wasn't until she saw a reflection of herself within Chloe Hatchetman that she found where her rage had gotten her. Desperate for redemption and a victory for the virtue of Trust, she fought to redeem Chloe which resulted in her dying to protect Chloe from a stray bullet, perishing after seeing her sister smile. Her ashes currently reside in Detroit.


  • Alpha likes fire.
Alpha 2.jpg


  • 2217-03-08: The Destruction of Light Labs - Mike dies again.
  • 2217-04-17: Je T'aime - Alpha & Dynamo go dancing, but Alpha has something more important to share with the duelist.
  • 2217-04-23: Amour - Dynamo & Alpha meet again six days after her confession of love.
  • 2220-10-14: Point of No Return - Blues faces his second and last Hunter Tribunal.
  • 2220-12-06: Project Aesir - Working on a tip from Gospel, the Hunters explore Promise Island, a Project Aesir development facility.
  • 2220-12-18: The Second Battle of Sri Lanka - After Gospel conquers the pirate stronghold of Sri Lanka, Repliforce decides to kill them and then make fun of them about it because... reasons.
  • 2221-01-02: Zombie Tactics - Radios and board posts from the zombie apocalypse. Spam ahoy!
  • 2221-05-26: Funeral Meltdown - The funeral of Alpha and Chroma B in Detroit - Dynamo does not take it well.