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Amoldar Cashe
Mr. Orange
Mr. Orange
Personal Information
Real Name Amoldar Cashe
Code Name Amoldar
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Prismatic Spider
Creation Date Before Tangram
Serial Number PSN-008
Faction Star Force
Divisions 23rd Intel Unit
Function Infiltrator
Assignment Lieutenant Cagney
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Holographic Disguises
Secondary Specialty Sociology
Weapons CQC, Holographic Weaponry, Blades
Primary Deadly Throw
Type Blade Corrosive
Secondary Eyes of Death
Type Blade
Buster Colors White and Red
OOC Information
Voice Actor Neil Patrick Harris
Theme Song

Persona 4 OST - Awakening

Character Data

"Identity is the most fragile thing that we have, and it's often only found in moments of truth."


Amoldar is a young Repliforcer that has found his niche not with his original function, but by training and his natural charismatic personality. Amoldar became very interested, however, in human and reploid nature. Instead of working with tools and things, Amoldar wanted to work with people. With this, he decided that the best thing he could do to not only best use his talents, but to also pursue what he wanted to do was to go for intelligence. Through basic training, and various specialty programs, he trained under the best the Repliforce had to offer in the field of Espionage. Though he doesn't have the natural abilities for stealth, his ability to generate holograms makes him a great master of disguise, and his personality allows him to fit in easily with almost anyone. A natural skill to make people at ease, and a charismatic attitude to boot.


Sabotage, Infiltration, Charisma, Making Friends Even With Enemies, Mentlegen, 0 - The Fool, Easy Going, Not As Calm Hearted As People Think, Hot Blooded Just Like His Father, Student Of Culture, Language: Yes, Certainly Does Not Interact With People Via Pregenerated Responses, Wild Card


Amoldar was a reploid given concept by Prismatic Spider. His original intended function was to be a matter forge that would help with building and support. However, Prismatic being a fan of the style of creation favored by Sewa and her company allowed the still core choose his path. He understood that there was a great need for his function, but the young reploid looked out into the world...

He saw two things that forged him into the path he took. The destruction that continued to plague the world. Despite everything sacrificed, everything put up to make the world a better place, it still had not come. While his function was important, Amoldar wanted a hand...not simply supporting others. The other thing he saw was the very basic person...he saw there were people on both sides.

Not just his comrades, but too with the people that wanted to turn the world into something else. Part of fixing the world would need to come by changing their ideas...or at least making them realize that they too fighting wasn't the only way to make things happen. The reploid took a fascination in people themselves. He wanted to know what made them tick...why people acted the way they did. He wanted to know people, not just fight.

He realized this talent and desire was best served by helping Repliforce in intelligence. He had qualities in personality that would make him a great officer, but he still needed to learn. His reactor was scaled back, and instead his form was chosen to help him as an infiltrator and sabature. Using his mater system to both help cover himself to make himself look more like a convincing member of the other side, and to also replicate the weapons of other he had met.

Boot camp and specialty training were hard on him. However, he was reforged himself as a aspiring youth and soldier of Repliforce. He knows that while he may enjoy people and understanding others...his duty was first and foremost to making sure another dawn came. His first trail came at the end of September. Sent to the front lines due to the already struggling forces, Amoldar quickly proved himself to be a resourceful fighter.

Amoldar has sense then struggled to try and make a name for himself and try and live up to the name of people that had come before him, as well as make the world a better place like he had wanted. During his time in the Repliforce, he started to notice that the world wasn't going to change by just stopping the bad guys. He noticed that people in the world were unhappy.

However, Amoldar born as he was was not as equipped to quite understand how a normal person operates. He was surrounded, from creation, by Super Humans, Reploids that have lead the movement of rights for his people, and heroes. He tried to live among people, and understand why they have issues...what was eating at them. He has sense come to understand that it's that people want to embrace the future, but don't seem to have the means to do so.

Supported by the government, dependent on the United Nations for so long, people seem to have lost sight. Amoldar, for a long time tried his best to understand how to best solve this...

Then, Prismatic Spider, started a new revolution. Wanting to overthrow the UN in a way that would destroy it, and try and make a world that would not need warfare, by trying to remove the reason that people go to war in the first place. Doing so by destroying the UN, however, opposed what Amoldar wanted to do.

With the family broken up, some of the Prismatic bots fighting against their creator, and the other half fighting with him and forming Nephilim, Amoldar took his father's betrayal very hard. Prismatic was, to him, an example of what he was trying to follow in the Repliforce.

However, with things how they are, Amoldar has not given up on his goal to try and change the world, but will do so unlike his father.

He will do so from within the system. He will do so by addressing what he thinks is the issue: People's hearts.


  • Older then Rex, but often considered the younger brother due to how Rex acts.
  • Less bitter about Prismatic's defection. Determined to prove his creator wrong by working in the system.
  • Master of disguise and infiltration, using both mundane and holographic means.
  • Amoldar isn't very artistic, but has slowly started to try and expand his horizons. Both with his holograms and actually picking up sculpting.
  • Claustrophobic, to a degree.
  • Hated his sister, Empyrean Mirage, until he tried to make her understand Rex's position. However, despite the sibling rivalry, when she fell to Rex's hands, he quietly mourned her passing.


Successful Infiltrations: Grave's boat, Robot Master's Base(s) x4, Fortune City's Crime World, Umbrella HQ, Traid Bases, Yakuza Bases.