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The Mummy Commando
The Mummy Commando
Personal Information
Real Name Anakaris
Code Name Mack the Knife
Race Mummy
Gender Male
Creator/s Pharaoh Uros
Birth Date 2669 BC
Death 2652 BC
Faction Unified Army
Divisions COMMANDO
Function Risen Pharaoh
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Dark Power
Secondary Specialty Knives
Weapons Funerary Blades
Primary Mack The Knife
Type Blade
Secondary Spin Attack
Type Blade
Buster Colors Gold & White
OOC Information
Game Darkstalkers
Voice Actor Scott McNeil
Theme Song [[theme::Takayuki Iwai & Hideki Okugawa - Anakaris Stage Theme]]

Character Data

"It is the will of God. To the victor goes the glory, and the defeated there is only despair."


Twelfth Pharaoh of an ancient Egyptian dynasty, Anakaris was a wise and noble ruler, loved by his people and worshipped as a living God. When he felt the bitter tang of mortality creeping up on him he put his mortal affairs in order and told his people he was ascending to the realm of the Gods. Using an ancient artifact housed in his kingdom's sacred Chamber of Ressurection, Anakaris transcended his mortal life and became... something else. Rising rarely to defend his home, he slept in peace for thousands of years until he was found by tomb raiders in the mid-21st Century. After dealing with the intruders he was discovered by Section Z, who were recruiting a team of remarkable individuals to fight in the shadows of World War 3. When that task was complete, he bad farewell to his friends and slept again... until another interloper dared to enter his long-abandoned tomb.


The Mummy Commando, It's Good To Be The King, Slow But Steady, King Of A Forgotten People, Devoted Companion, Calls Captain Commando 'Kid'


Anakaris is the son of Uros (2613-2652), a ruler of Egypt (or a portion of Egypt) from roughly 2669-2652 BC. Uros is said to be the 11th Pharaoh, likely an offshoot of the Second Dynasty. He may be a descendant of Seth-Peribsen, a dubious ruler of the Second Dynasty. The records of the era are fragmentary and unclear.

Born in 2664 BC, he was the first of three sons. Anakaris took the throne at the age of 12. Under instructions left by his father, work was begun on a temple to house the 'Gem of Osiris,' an ancient relic of their people. Construction progressed from 2650-2634, and the temple was filled with relics of the "Gods" obtained by Uros and Anakaris once he became of age.

Anakaris was mortally wounded in a battle with raiders from the south in 2633. Not wanting to abandon his people at the age of only 31, he was taken to the Chamber of Resurrection and infused with the power of the Gem of Osiris. The raiders were driven from his kingdom within a year, and by 2630 they had been completely destroyed.

Anakaris's 'immortal reign' is short-lived. Worshipped but feared by his people, he appointed a successor, having no children of his own, and returned to his crypt for eternal sleep.

Before the end of the century, Anakaris's kingdom was made part of greater Egypt under the Third Dynasty Pharaohs Huni or Khaba and ceased to exist as an independent state.

Almost five thousand years passed.

At some point during World War 3, Anakaris's tomb was disturbed. Lashing out in rage and anger, he was eventually subdued by the [Section Z] of the day and their research head, Dr. Robert Hoover. Dr. Hoover was eventually able to bring Anakaris back to sanity, recruiting him into an elite special ops team to fight the Russian opposition during the war. They were four:

  • Captain Commando: A hero for the world, a human enhanced using stolen Imperial science and devoted to Freedom.
  • Genju "Ginzu" Saotome: A master Ninja and Strider of an old and potent bloodline. The Ninja Commando.
  • Dr. Robert "Baby Head" Hoover: A man with an intellect on par with Hawking and Einstein trapped in a tiny deformed body. The Baby Commando.
  • Anakaris, AKA "Mack the Knife": So nicknamed by Cap because he could never pronounce his proper name. The Mummy Commando.

When the war finally ended, the Commandos went their separate ways. Anakaris returned to his slumber, only to awaken again to another tomb robber, two centuries later...


  • 2229-11-10: Which Can Aeternal Lie - Reaverbots are sighted at a tomb deep in the Sahara Desert... what secrets could sleep beneath the shifting sands?
  • 2229-11-12: Silent Lucidity - Relax child, you were there, but only didn't realize it and you were scared.
  • 2229-11-13: What Dreams May Come - Hush now baby, don't say a word, and never mind that voice you heard. It's just the beast under your bed, in your closet, in your head!
  • 2229-11-14: Anakaris Interlude - Alloy - Recovered from Slumberland, Anakaris has a chat with the ever-curious Alloy.
  • 2229-11-19: Anakaris Interlude - Cerisier - Recovered from Slumberland, Anakaris has a chat with the cheerful Cerisier.

Cut Scenes

  • 2229-12-27: The First Commando - Anakaris reflects on the recent past and makes a decision about his future.