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Anthem in her Repliforce dress blues, circa 2213
Anthem in her Repliforce dress blues, circa 2213
Personal Information
Real Name Anthem
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creator/s DeLeon Advanced Machine Works
Creation Date 24 September, 2203
Serial Number RPSO-2203-1-0054
Faction Versus
Divisions Point Guards
Function Fugitive Retrieval
Assignment True Canon Samus
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Law Enforcement
Secondary Specialty Mobile Infantry
Weapons Winchester Model 2215 'Seven-Ten Split' Riot Armcannon; Colt Equalizer Revolver; Paired Nightsticks; Deployable Riot Shield; K9 Drone; S-Drive Forced Entry System
Primary Ten Gauge Tempest
Type Physical
Secondary Baton Frenzy
Type Physical Electric
Buster Colors Crimson & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Koko Taylor
Theme Song Wrong Side Of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch

Character Data

"Time changes a lot of things – faces, names, places. But right and wrong don’t change. Courage and loyalty don’t change. Justice doesn’t change."


One of the oldest surviving reploids of civilian manufacture, Anthem once rose from being a beat cop in Detroit to one of Repliforce’s leading commanders. After a long sabbatical, she’s returned once more to the world scene. With a career that borders on legend, Anthem is larger than life in many ways – brash, outspoken and gutsy, she is as infamous for her fiery tongue as her street smarts. Both on the field and off, her tenacity and wide range of experience make her a potent force. She has her faults, of course. She’s cocky, easily angered, has no concept of the word ‘subtle’ and bears a lot of old scars from life’s trials. Never the less, Anthem is hardly the sort to underestimate. She’s outlived almost everybody who has.


World's Deadliest Coffee, Older Than Dirt, Been There Done That, So Crazy It Might Just Work, Creative Cursing 101, Power Word: Back In My Day, Drink With Me, Donut Shop Finding, Battle Barista, Legal Mumbo-Jumbo, Lead From The Front, Legends Never Die, All For One And To The Last, Still Not Samus, Once Again


Phase 1: Detroit

Anthem was part of one of the earliest non-military reploid manufacturing lines, one of a run of 200 state-of-the-art robotic police officers. Unit #054 (along with #037 and #163) were sold to the Detroit Metropolitan Police Department - she was assigned to the 3rd Precinct and began service less than a week after her 'birth'. While there, #054 served notably in a variety of roles that ranged from patrol work to SWAT operations. Like most civilian reploids during that time, she and her line suffered from a variety of issues: they were overworked, improperly cared for and treated like appliances rather than people. Only thirty of the original line of two hundred survived to the end of their first year, and the five year mark would see only two known to still be in operation. Their manufacturer - DeLeon Advanced Machine Works - would go out of business in 2206 in the backlash against reploids that marked the rise of the Maverick movement.

Officer #054 managed to persevere through this time with the help of the few friends that treated her like a person. While she stayed sane, it did turn her angry and bitter over the variety of injustices and abuses she (and reploids as a whole) suffered. #054 still acquitted herself well, and when reploids were finally recognized as beings with free-will and rights she was rewarded. The City of Detroit gave their oldest reploid officer with a medal for meritorious service and with a name - Anthem. There was even talk she might finally be promoted past patrol officer. (The city would continue to technically own her until 2218, when the paperwork was processed under threat of legal action.) Rather than remain, however, Anthem chose to leave Detroit for another path shortly after in mid-2212.

Phase 2: Repliforce

In the wake of the arrival of the Stardroids, Repliforce underwent a massive push to increase their size and capabilities. Anthem was one of a large number of reploids recruited - she was specifically picked to join Repliforce's military police and supplement them with her experience. It was not an easy fit - Anthem didn't adapt well to military life, and her abrasive personality caused problems immediately. (She managed to rack up her first demerit and was nearly ejected on only the third day of boot camp, when she punched a drill instructor in the face.) Even for several months afterward, Anthem was miserable as she spent more time breaking up fights over Iris' brownies and hauling in drunks than anything else. Until 13 April, 2213, at least. On that date, the Maverick general Vile reverted to his original Vava personality and surrendered himself - Anthem was tapped as his chief jailor. The two spent nearly every moment of the following week together and, in possibly Anthem's worst life choice ever, fell in love. Vile's subsequent return to evil made this a problem, and he would spend the next several years off-and-on tormenting Anthem with those feelings. (Anthem notably never learned, and held a torch for him until long after his death. She only got over it in 2231, when Morrigan Aensland gave Anthem a surprise present and used dark Makai magics to suppress the emotional attachment.) This event would serve as a turning point in Anthem's career for the better, however. It brought her and her skills to the attention of Repliforce's command structure, and she exploited that. By late 2213, Anthem was a Captain and Web Spider's XO for the Security & Defense division.

Then the Siege of Repliforce Island happened on 13 February, 2214. Anthem acted as SecDef's commander during the defense, picking up primary control of the island's defenses after the death of King Dragon. She led a tenacious defense as Repliforce suffered extremely heavy losses - at one point she was briefly in charge of Repliforce global operations as everyone above her was either incapacitated or killed. (This is more technicality than fact - it only lasted about seven minutes before Colonel was able to retake control, most of which she spent locked in hand-to-hand combat with former partner Enforcer Malamute.) The Repliforce defenses held, though SecDef itself suffered 75% losses, Anthem's personal command took more than 90% and she was gravely wounded twice. Anthem was lauded widely afterward for her role in the battle, and General promoted her to the rank of Command Major. This made her third in command of Repliforce - a position ironically last held by Vile.

In this role, Anthem once again served with distinction. Her tenure included leading the defenses of Egypt and South Africa to keep Robot Master forces bottled up on the African front, most notably at the Battle of Baghdad on 15 July, 2215. Unfortunately, her time as Command Major would not last long - the second Battle of Repliforce Island on 3 February, 2216 marked her end. During the chaos, Anthem delayed too long and was believed killed when her boat off of the island was caught in the final explosion and sank. In truth she was merely severely wounded and, unconscious, swept out to sea. She surfaced in Africa more than two months later and would return to the public eye with her attempted assassination of Dr. Wily on 16 May, 2216. As her rank was filled by Spiral Pegasus following her supposed death, Anthem instead chose to return to Repliforce as the force's Sergeant Major and acted as a leader in the field, head drill instructor at the RF Academy and an advocate for the enlisted side of the coin in command meetings.

Anthem's time in Repliforce effectively came to a close in 31 May 2217 - the infamous Sigma Virus outbreak in Berlin. While Anthem was not infected, she was one of the many Repliforce members severely wounded in the madness that followed. Being fourteen years old and her manufacturer having been out of business for eleven years, there were no design-specific spare parts left and her repairs were going to be both time- and effort-intensive. With a new Virus outbreak, the rise of Neo-Arcadia and the UN in turmoil with Sec-Gen Kelly McLaren's assassination, Anthem was jury-rigged to basic functioning and triaged to the bottom of the priority ladder.

Phase 3: Civilian Tourism

While the rest of Repliforce abandoned their bases to reorganize aboard the Fortress V, Anthem stayed put. She dug herself in alone at the tiny outpost called Damn Stubborn - a reinforced farmhouse that several Repliforce members had built as a statement of defiance following the destruction of the Monolith base in July of 2216. It would remain for the next few months as the only terrestrial base to still fly the Repliforce flag as Anthem dared the world to come and get her. No one did, as a single Repliforcer defending a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere was low enough priority that even bored Robot Masters had better things to do. This gave Anthem effectively the first downtime in her life and allowed her to think about things. The perspective she got wasn't good - Anthem was a cop at heart, not a soldier. A hard life had worn her down, and actually stopping to look at herself made it clear even to Anthem that she was hurting. She'd never really recovered from the brutal fighting of the Siege, nor from her near watery grave. The trauma and stress were bad enough that she was on the verge of implosion, and given some of her actions it could be contended that she'd already started to. Even as stubborn as she was, Anthem could see she how close she was to the breaking point - and breaking would likely get others killed along with herself. Rather than continuing to search for a place to die, Anthem chose the other route: after things calmed down and she went through a nearly full-frame rebuild, she handed her resignation to General on 16 October, 2217 and was granted an honorable discharge.

The immediate months following involved quite a lot of therapy (she would continue to see a string of therapists remotely for years, and should still be doing so) and Anthem set out on a journey of self-discovery. She would spend the next four and a half years wandering the globe, seeing the world and trying to find herself some peace. While Anthem did have a few adventures of her own, she kept them strictly local and personal, even managing to keep her head down during Ragnarok. By her own accounts, that event was markedly bittersweet for her. She took great pride and pleasure in seeing the world hold together and that new heroes rose up; she also was rather depressed by it because it was final confirmation that the world didn't need her. That second part was a gut-punch to someone who already felt guilty for walking away.

Phase 4: Mars

Bored by the tourist's life and needing purpose, Anthem went to the new frontier. She wanted a new challenge, and hoped distance would help sweep away her once more growing discomfort. Anthem boarded a ship under an assumed name in March of 2222 and traveled to Mars, joining the New Jamaica/Kattelox colony. She would stay there for the next seven years, using the remains of her money to set up a little coffee shop called Cafe Diem. It would become a minor hotspot, a favorite of Diggers and locals alike (since there's only so many places to get a cup of coffee on Mars).

Most people would have called it a good life - it was peaceful, Anthem rarely worried for money and she developed a lot of connections with the community around her. But it wasn't the life Anthem wanted. She was ill content with a day-to-day job, watching from afar. While the casual observer didn't see much, Anthem kept slipping further into her own self-recriminations and depression. In late 2229, she decided to finally do something about it: Anthem turned over day-to-day operations for Cafe Diem to her manager, Righteous Wren, and started to dip her toe into the fight once more.

Phase 5: Versus

It didn't take long for Anthem to find trouble. On a trip home to Detroit to visit her surrogate father, Anthem was pulled into emergency riot duty surrounding the protests against Dr. Wily being (briefly) elected as UN Sec-Gen. This led to an odd string of events - Anthem met Ferham there, whom she followed to a later protest in London (which was peaceful, leaving Anthem sorely disappointed at the lack of heads to crack), where she ran into Sewa, who invited Anthem to come to the Versus Christmas Party to catch up with old friends. At the party, an overly inebriated Anthem spent considerable time complaining about her current state of life and was surprised when it was suggested she join Versus. After several exploratory meetings with both Roll and Morrigan Aensland, she accepted the offer and was brought on board 20 January, 2230.

In the months since, Anthem has acquitted herself well. She's been involved in most of Versus' operations - Azran, the fighting against the Fourth Empire, Ares, Sri Lanka, and so on. Despite her own initial concerns, Anthem has been eagerly accepted into the Versus family and it has proven a better fit than the old Maverick Hunters had been.

One pivotal moment came with the St. Mystere incident - Anthem was deeply involved in the investigation and chase after the serial killer known as Bobby Fulbright. During that Anthem met and was inspired by the prosecutor from the Dark Age of Law, Miles Edgeworth. It was his example that made Anthem rethink her life and realize how much she missed her time as a cop. Not wanting to simply retread old ground, she instead opted to follow his footsteps. In January of 2231, she was accepted to York University's Osgoode Hall with the intent to become a prosecutor - and Edgeworth's disciple.


Anthem out of armor, circa 2230
  • Anthem is left-handed. This is because her initial production run cut corners, and she didn't have a retractable armcannon (and thus no right hand) until 2212.
  • Due to a shortcoming in her mental programming architecture (because of those same cut corners), Anthem has issues with an internal/external divide. When using higher-attention computer functions (such as sending radio transmissions, Saraband access, etc), she's forced to turn her attention 'inwards' and is unable to focus on the real world. This manifests as a fugue-like state with a blank stare and a slightly slack jaw, and Anthem is only peripherally able to sense what's happening around herself. While normally not an issue (as she's gotten in the habit of making very short transmission bursts to avoid spacing out for more than a moment), it does significantly interfere with her ability to use Saraband effectively. Given recent evolutions in robotic society, this is becoming more and more problematic.
  • Yet another cost-cutting measure was that her original armor was stored subdermally rather than in subspace - putting it on involved the individual metal ribbons uncoiling through her skin. That one was fixed around the same time Anthem got her right hand, and none too soon for anybody's sanity. The noise was not pleasant.
  • Legally, Anthem's name was still Officer #054 up until 2218 when she finally got around to fixing it. It was around this time she started playing with giving herself the surname Law - though it hasn't been changed legally and with how quickly she gets around to that sort of thing it probably won't be until the late 2230s.
  • While Anthem professes to be Jewish (something she converted to during her post-Repliforce soul-searching), she's very bad at being religious, and mostly just uses it as an off-hand conversation point. (She does remember 'avoid ham', but that's about it.)
  • The other remaining member of her production line is Officer #001 - the Maverick Hunter Seminole. Their fates have been intertwined for years: Seminole had been Vile's XO during both of their times with Repliforce. The two ironically discovered their relationship after Zero set them up on a date together (following Anthem losing a bet). Seminole would eventually be killed at Vile's hands in 2214; then later revived in 2216 thanks to the work of Prismatic Spider. Anthem still owes the spider a big favor for that - he may be missing, but she hasn't forgotten.
  • Though he’s alive again, Anthem still has her brother Seminole’s sonic saber in her possession as a memento. It was bequeathed to her when he died, and she occasionally pulls it out. Mostly for formal occasions as an accessory. (Anthem does have some training in the use of sword-type weapons – Colonel insisted it was part of a good officer’s regimen – but she’s sloppy and uncomfortable with it.) Semi-related, she also has one of Vile’s helmets.
  • Anthem was a Maverick Hunter on two separate occasions - once in 2214 when she briefly walked out and joined them in protest because General was insisting she needed therapy and once in 2216 as part of an exchange program. Both stints were brief, lasting less than two weeks each.
  • Despite considerable time away and therapy, Anthem still suffers from significant psychological issues stemming from PTSD and other trauma. She notably is an insomniac (due to consistent nightmares) and occasionally lapses into deep depressions. These normally result in her retreating from social interactions and/or outbursts of poorly directed anger. She is currently without a therapist, having parted ways with the last one over Anthem's joining Versus.
  • While physically incapable of drowning, Anthem retains a serious fear of it. Her time lost at sea following the destruction of Repliforce Island left a big scar, and she tends to panic when submerged.
  • Anthem is best known for her particularly foul brew of coffee - it's been semi-jokingly called a bio-hazard by teammates in the past. Despite what some say, Anthem is perfectly capable of brewing a normal pot, she just likes hers REALLY dark and REALLY bitter and she has the habit of experimenting to make her personal brew stronger.
  • In an attempt to get control over some of her bad habits, Anthem has joined AA with Dr. Cossack as her sponsor. It's a difficult road still, but thus far she's managed to stay sober.
  • However she has not given up stress-smoking. Anthem's choice in cigarettes is notably odious: cheap and low-quality.
  • Anthem previously ran a business jointly with then-Maverick Sonic Banshee, pairing Anthem's terrible coffee with Sonic's just as terrible cooking. The venture was billed as 'Extreme Eating' and was marketed as high danger food for the daredevil. It did well enough for neither of the two to worry about money for a long time afterward and was the nest egg that eventually became Cafe Diem.
  • Many years ago, Anthem suffered from Greene's Syndrome. A particularly tenacious biological virus, there was an outbreak of it in 2213 that came from a tainted batch of coolant fluid. She hasn’t had a flare-up since her 2217 rebuild, but she remains wary.
  • Anthem loves pigeons. She thinks they’re funny and adorable. Thus far no one has agreed with her or her requests to import and settle a population of pigeons on Mars.



  • 2213-05-28: Anthem's Worst Date - Anthem purposely gets herself set up on a blind date with Seminole to spur Vile's jealousy. Then she finds out Seminole's her brother - right as Vile arrives to kill him.
  • 2214-02-13: The Siege of Repliforce Island - Rock leads the Hunters into a tragic battle with the disavowed Repliforce. The body count rises...
  • 2214-03-17: Repliforce Officer's Brawl - During the Battle & Chase games, Vile informs Anthem that he's killed her brother. She goes on a rampage to kill him - and when Colonel steps in to prevent her likely suicide? A street brawl erupts.
  • 2214-07-28: The Anchorage Striptease - Blizzard Man attacks Anchorage and is defeated by nothing but a boombox and a pair of underwear.
  • 2215-06-27: COPS and Ninjas - Hiryu breaks into a highly secure military base to watch TV. Repliforce half freaks out and half just rolls with it.
  • 2216-05-16: Of All The Gin Joints - After her attempted assassination of Dr. Wily in Casablanca, the previously MIA Anthem is returned to Repliforce's medical bay
  • 2229-12-01: To Gather Peaceably - Dark Man visits a demonstration protesting the emergence of U.N Sec-Gen Wily. To everyone's great shock, it does not end peaceably.
  • 2229-12-10: Protest Freestyle - The Irregulars lead a protest march to the United Nations parliament and give voice and rhyme to the people's discontent.
  • 2230-01-31: Hell In A TriCell - The Fourth Empire strikes TriCell with the help of the Hand of Makai cult.
  • 2230-02-12: The Val Verde Casino Raid - Alloy, Cinnamon and Anthem stage a daring raid on a Dotcom-owned casino in Val Verde to steal an evil magic sword. Everything goes wrong, to no one’s surprise.
  • 2230-02-19: If You Give Aurora A Beer - The newest resident of Omega, Aurora, is rescued from Sewa's clutches for a bar crawl.
  • 2230-03-08: Ben Kavinsky Memorial - Bright Man, the RMs and GENOCIDE take a day to honor Ben, and Versus shows up.
  • 2230-03-24: SUPER PUZZLE FIGHTER - In hot pursuit, the Azran Ruin Infiltration Team runs into Emmy Altava, who challenges them to the sport of queens.
  • 2230-03-25: Battle for the Azran Legacy - The Azran Ruin Infiltration Team comes face-to-face with Leon Bronev for one last battle over the fate of Aurora-- and the world.
  • 2230-03-26: Puzzle for the Azran Legacy - After a long series of battles, saving Aurora from herself comes down to one last puzzle.
  • 2230-04-01: Last Flight Of The Legendary - A stellar anomaly on Ganymede reveals a ship thought long lost - and it's not alone.
  • 2230-04-12: Hot LZ - Kevin Walker returns to Ares with his new allies from Earth. It's not quite that simple.
  • 2230-04-15: Jungle Hunt - Our heroes set out to explore a Martian ruin in the jungles of Ares.
  • 2230-04-16: The Ares Cantina - Anthem meets with Anthem on the Ares Colony canteen for a chat. No space alien band playing, alas.
  • 2230-04-20: Danger - Kevin Walker leads the Ares team boldly into a trap. Ready?
  • 2230-04-22: A Mad Teaparty - After a days long crime spree, Moondyne Mouse and Crash Man find themselves with hostages after having setup a Robot Master-style fortress. Heroes show up to make a rescue--with a surprise guest star!
  • 2230-04-23: Westpoint Mint - Apex leads a raid on the Westpoint Mint with GENOCIDE. Versus and heroes show up. Hacking occurs, courtesy of Mouse.
  • 2230-04-29: Wave Two - DARK makes an all-out assault on Legendary Colony.
  • 2230-05-12: Beware As The DARK Returns - The final assault on DARK begins.
  • 2230-05-13: Are You Afraid Of The DARK - The fate of Ares rests on the unlikely shoulders of Sera as the heroes fight their final battle against the mad AI known as DARK.
  • 2230-05-18: Those Who Hunt Mice - Anthem wants answers from Moondyne Mouse, so she goes to find her in Neo Tokyo. She walks in on the Mouse and one of her victims...
  • 2230-07-09: The Army Unites - After the formation of the United Army on paper, the various involved groups stage a social get-together to help patch old disputes.
  • 2230-07-27: Kattelox Cookie Dance-Off - Nebulous Megatheroid and Bright Man show up with reaverbot hordes to Anthem's cafe each armed with a free sandwich coupon...? Reiz appears and challenges Bright to a DANCE OFF.
  • 2230-08-03: An Exciting Adventure - Versus travels to Mystara on a very important mission. Giants appear! Command?
  • 2230-08-04: Everyone Dies Horribly - To rescue some elves held hostage, Versus delves into a djinn's fortress in Mystara! Anthem and Reiz visit the poker tournament of the afterlife!
  • 2230-08-06: Sentry The Defiant - Castle Bilstein must fall, but it has a dangerous defender.
  • 2230-08-10: The Battle For Zeta - Part 1 - The forces of Omega head towards the final confrontation with Emperor Bilstein - but first must deal with Catherine Rain.
  • 2230-08-11: The Battle For Zeta - Part 2 - The final confrontation between Emperor Bilstein and the forces of Omega.
  • 2230-08-17: Ashthem - Following Anthem's threats against Luna Platz during the fall of the Fourth Empire, Ashlynn Ayre comes to deliver a fiery retort.
  • 2230-10-13: Atlantis Returns - After disappearing into deep space with Dr. Orihime at the helm, the city of Atlantis returns and lands on Mars.
  • 2230-10-14: The Orihime Incident - When legal extradition fails to get Dr. Orihime out of Atlantis and into jail, the US tries to do it themselves with a black ops squad.
  • 2230-10-21: The Fall Of Phoenix Wright - Versus and friends attempt to recruit Phoenix Wright, only to find the Dark Age of Law has begun
  • 2230-11-11: A Treasured Island - Pirates! Lost treasure! A rip-snorting tomb-raiding Halloween adventure that surely will not end in crushing psychological horror and insanity.
  • 2230-11-12: The Wine-Dark Sea - Yeah that part about the psychological horror and insanity was probably a lie.
  • 2230-12-01: Bass & Water Lanterns - Bass interrupts the Water Lantern Festival to cause chaos and get a taste of Versus' new Adepts. But mostly to cause chaos.
  • 2230-12-05: Buck Creek Raid - Versus, angry at the US for kidnapping Dr. Orihime, takes the law into their own hands and starts a war.
  • 2231-01-13: Labyrinthia Arrival - Versus and company arrive in Labyrinthia to find Phoenix Wright and Prof. Layton. Everything immediately goes wrong.
  • 2231-01-16: Flame - There is a parade. And a murder.
  • 2231-01-24: Versus Secret Satan 2231 - Versus has their annual Secret Satan party, 2231 edition
  • 2231-02-01: A walk on the beach - Moondyne Mouse approaches Anthem in New York and notices something with her is wrong.
  • 2231-02-09: America F Yeah - As part of the recent tax bill, the American government attempts to seize assets from a Light Labs-owned company in America, which in turn escalates wildly into a running battle between elite military units in the middle of Atlanta. Traffic doesn't get any worse.
  • 2231-02-25: Reaper, Reaper - Joint forces of Versus and QUILL set an ambush for a strange hacker in September Record. Things go very wrong.
  • 2231-02-27: Two Reploids walk into a Cafe - Anthem runs into Ferham again in Torontreal and the latter has some 'esplainin' to do!
  • 2231-02-28: American Exceptionalism - Over the protests of the Canadian government, another American strike team shows up to investigate a Versus-owned facility freshly moved to Windsor, Ontario. There's not even the pretense that it won't get out of control this time.
  • 2231-03-02: Kattelox Potluck - Anthem organizes a pot luck dinner among Versus to boost morale. And to scam free food in exchange for coffee.... further results


  • 2230-03-22: Of Mice and Memory - Moondyne Mouse flashes back to memories she stole from Anthem.
  • 2231-01-02: You Have To Grow To Live - Anthem starts down a new path to remake herself.
  • 2231-04-17: Eighteen Years - Anthem returns home, reeling in the aftermath of an unexpected new relationship.


  • Anthem's originally apped name was Waltz - this was rejected by then-RF Staffer Mars as not fitting her personality properly.
  • It's hardly a secret, but Anthem started out as a Samus Aran tribute and still shares a roughly similar physical appearance (at least in armor). That and a few attack names are where the similarity ends, however. Oh, and green hair. I will go to my grave saying that making Samus a blonde was a mistake.
  • Anthem's design includes a large number of references to police in popular media - from her original designation taking from Car 54, Where Are You? to her love of bad coffee being a tribute to Barney Miller, most of her little details are nods to various cop-related media.