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Anubis Necromancess III
Anubis Necromancess.jpg
Personal Information
Code Name Anubis Necromancess III
Race Android
Gender Unknown
Creator/s Unknown
Creation Date Unknown
Faction Presumed Dead
Divisions Independent
Function Luxor Guardian
Assignment Protect Miss Millions
Technical Specifications
Primary Sandpfostenzusammenstofs
Type Physical
Secondary Toterohrstock
Type Physical
Buster Colors Yellow and Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero
Theme Song


The guardian of the Luxor casino and Miss Millions in particular, Anubis Necromancess first appeared in 2221 when serious attempts at investigating Millions began. The android deployed to defend its master, and withdrew once the task was complete.

The fate of Anubis Necromancess is unknown. The android has not been seen again since the Imperial and Blackguard attack on Las Vegas. Presumably it was destroyed.


  • It's unknown whether or not Anubis is truly destroyed, but as it's not shown up again it's very likely.
  • Anubis Necromancess never had a profile.


Cut Scenes