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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Faction QUILL
Function Network Engineer
Technical Specifications
Primary Imposed Technical Difficulties
Type Electric
Secondary Voices In Your Head
Type Sonic
OOC Information
Game Megaman X
Theme Song

Character Data

"People will buy a lot of things for .99z."


Apple is a skilled Saraband engineer and semi-famous Transer app writer. Apple, made by the same production line that produced Nana, was made to work on wide-scale Saraband systems for Nikkei Telecom. She purchased her freedom from the money she made writing shareware Transer apps that interfaced with Saraband, then continued to support herself by her intellectual property. A freelance engineer, Apple travels the world as a Saraband consultant. In her off time, Apple volunteers for organizations that support social justice and mechanitarian causes. Outgoing and a little sassy, Apple's can-do attitude and desire to help makes her an asset to any organization she decides to help. Fiercely independent and self-sufficient, Apple's liberal attitudes sometimes annoy potential employers. Apple makes no apologies for her viewpoints and opinions, and doesn't mind sharing them with anyone who will listen. Rumors of Apple using her considerable network knowledge to right wrongs and help the downtrodden are unsubstantiated, but surely not EVERY mech in Nana's build series has that tendency...


Administration (Database, Network, Saraband, System), Crowdsourcing, Drone Control, Gamer Chick, Grey Hat, Hacker With A Heart Of Gold, Plucky Not Psycho, There's An App For That, And If There Isn't There Will Be