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Aqua Man
Aqua Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Codi
Code Name Pink
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Fire Control
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Aerobics
Secondary Specialty Interpretive Dance
Primary Water Balloon
Type Water
Secondary Sexy Hose
Type Water
OOC Information
Game Megaman 8
Theme Song

Character Data

"Hi, I'm Aqua Man, but you can call me Handsome, 'kay?"


Aqua Man was originally designed to help stop the fires that erupt frequently in the mad Dr. Wily's lab, but after Wily discovered a chemical that could be added to water to make it ten times heavier, Dr. Wily quickly retrofit and armed Aqua Man with this new technology. Very childish in nature and vain in the extreme, Aqua Man spends more time polishing and accessorizing his armor than he does combating the forces of good. Aqua Man loves attention, and will do anything so that all eyes will be on him when he struts his stuff. Aside from employing various attacks involving his "heavy water," Aqua Man's main weapons are his "Water Balloons" composed of heavy balls of water that can flatten even the sturdiest of metals. Internal water supplies often run dry during critical moments, and other Robot Masters tease him about his flamboyant nature.


Flower Arrangement, Being Flamboyant, Prancing Around, Fashion, Lobbing Water Balloons, Talking To Fish, Seahorse Riding




Cut Scenes