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Argoyle & Ugoyle Shisaroid
Dr. Stevenson After An NES Ninja Gaiden Binge
Dr. Stevenson After An NES Ninja Gaiden Binge
Personal Information
Real Name Argoyle & Ugoyle Shisaroid
Race Pseudoroid
Gender male
Function Terrorist Robot
Technical Specifications
Primary Rock Bomb
Type Explosive
Secondary Skate Dash
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX Advent
Theme Song

Character Data

"Only those who are loyal to the new king may pass!" "*grunt*"


Argoyle Shisaroid is a lousy attempt to replicate Gemini Man and Shield Shellfish at the same time. A Pseudoroid constructed by Dr. Stevenson, Argoyle uses his holographic duplicate ("Ugoyle") and bombs to create trouble in the world. Argoyle's powerful Dual Avatar system allows him to use holographic trickery, and unlike Vulturoid, Argoyle knows how to do things that are not stage-related. Argoyle prefers to strike from surprise, bombing people in places they don't expect to cause chain-reaction based disasters. Argoyle thinks himself to be a superior terrorist. However, he is not nearly as polished or skilled as he likes to think. By contrast, Ugoyle communicates solely in grunts and violence. It's a close race to determine whether Argoyle or Ugoyle is more charismatic.


Bombing, Terrorism, Grunting, Holographic Effects




Cut Scenes