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Personal Information
Race Esper
Gender Female
Faction Unified Army
Function Psycho Soldier
Technical Specifications
Primary Erosion Field
Type Force
Secondary Psycho Barricade
Type Force
OOC Information
Game Cyberbots - Fullmetal Madness
Theme Song

Character Data

"Life... is complicated."


Raised by an ancient node of the Martian biocomputer 'DARK' modified by Bilstein into the Weapon Brain, Arieta was planned to be something between a soldier and a terminal for the Weapon Brain to act through when Vectors and other drones weren't sufficient. Arieta escaped the Fourth Empire remnants during her first mission and assisted the Unified Army in the rescue of Adepts and other experiments from the grasp of the Brain. Having no home and nowhere to go, Arieta joined the Unified Army, both to assist with the rescue and recovery of other illicit projects and to find a place in the world for herself. With her extremely unusual upbringing, Arieta is almost completely inexperienced with the world as it is. She is largely uneducated about things the Brain considered it unnecessary or undesireable for her to know, though she is learning from her interactions with Omega, and has stunted social skills. On the other hand, having been shaped to be a tool for the Weapon Brain, she is a superb operative with a variety of useful talents. She is also a powerful psychokinetic due to her extreme training by the Weapon Brain. Unlike what her reserved manner of speaking may imply, Arieta has strong emotions, and occasionally is unable to hold them back.


Fourth Empire Remnant, The Hand of G.O.D., Runaway Experiment, Ride Armour Piloting, Exosuit Piloting, Vehicle Piloting, Psycho Power (High), Combat Skills (Many), Social Skills (Low), World Knowledge (Low), 90s Hair, Psycho Soldier

Mobile Suit




Cut Scenes