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Ashley Stevenson
Pretty close, yeah.
Pretty close, yeah.
Personal Information
Real Name Ashley Stevenson
Race Human
Gender Female
Creator/s Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson
Divisions Ops n' Stuff
Function Paperwork Goddess
Assignment Paperwork. All of It.
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Paperwork. Comms Maintence.
Secondary Specialty Abstract Artist
Primary Spilled Coffee
Type Corrosive
Secondary Code A
Type Energy Explosive
Buster Colors Brown and Red
OOC Information
Game Mega Man MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"I have to do inventory all over again!? Arrggghhhh!"


Ashley Stevenson is a reluctant "villain". Originally a diner waitress in New York, she was the target of a Nebula kidnapping in 2221 to be used as a bargaining piece against her brother's, Dr. Stevenon, Corridor Technology. As a result, she was moved to China for her own safety, where she worked in a similar job for a few years. A hobby artist, she was suspect to the whims of the FMian 'Pictor Easel' during the FMian crisis. When the being was driven from her- she sulked back to her lonely life until ChronTech, her brother's company, was open. Becoming it's head receptionist and internal communication runner, she learned the ins and outs of computer and advanced radio communications. When her brother defected from Ouroborus to GENOCIDE, Ashley came along to the Third Moon for her own good. Rather than return to a lonely life of painting alone in a room- she begged and pleaded with her brother to become one of GENOCIDE's comm operators, handling and monitoring Radio Communications and relaying satellite data to operatives- skills she honed while in ChronTech. Ashley is known for doting on the pseudoroids and other sapient creations that her brother makes that she sees as the closest she's going to get to nieces and nephews. While proficient in the use of computers and transfers, she is not a programmer or hacker at heart herself- and relies much on her NetNavi to fill the gap in her skills.


Comm. Equipment Ops (Intermediate), Live Feeds, Conference Calling, Awkwardly Shy, E-Excuse me.., #NotAllRadioOps, Abstract Artist, Best Coffee this Side of The Third Moon, Fragile Flower?, Not Quite A Super Villain, Evil Paperwork Goddess, ProidFan21 on BusterBlog!


  • Waitress until Grave ruined everything.
  • ChronTech head of reception.
  • Doesn't blame her troubles on her brother.
  • Code A: All the pseudoroids portal into her location and beat the shit out of you.
  • Cool Aunty Ashley.


  • So back when Leo was sure we'd NEVER EVER integrate Phoenix Wright, I stole Maggey Byrde's likeness for Ashley Stevenson. This stuck in her personality as a klutz diner waitress. Of course, now there is some Phoenix Wright integration. It can probably be assumed that the art I use is just a reference- rather than suggesting some sort of blood relation to anything.


  • 2231-03-13: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Dr. Wily, settling into his role as the grandfather to a variety of weird Stevenson robots, takes the Pseudoroids out with some Robot Masters to teach them how to do a proper seasonally themed raid.

Cut Scenes