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Ashlynn Ayre
Personal Information
Race Adept
Gender Female
Birth Date April 30, 2208
Faction Grave
Function Action Student
Technical Specifications
Primary Wildfire Torrent
Type Fire
Secondary Passionate Flame
Type Fire
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"I make bad decisions sometimes and I'm OK with that."


Ashlynn Ayre is the second child of the wealthy Ayre family, multi-generational owners of Ayre Mining Interplanetary. Family connections have kept the Ayres close to both Magrevich Industries and the organization currently calling itself the Nebula Syndicate, and Ayre Mining has been exceedingly successful expanding and redesigning itself for the modern world. However, Ashlynn prefers a more active lifestyle than most of her family, and she joined Grave in a more direct role. More publically, Ashlynn is known as a hard-partying socialite who has met with personal success creating exotic holographic art and fashion. Recently, Ashlynn has reinvented herself artistically toward exotic body art, blending holographic 'paint' with solid-holography 'modifications', both of the sort that imitate biomods or cybernetic implants and more unusual, fantastic effects. Her adventures with Grave and Chariot led her to volunteer for a new kind of process designed by Dr. Bellerose based on BLECE and several other breakthroughs. Ash survived the process, though the experience changed her. Active and energetic, Ashlynn enjoys Grave's operations and is loyal to the organization as a whole as well as her close associates. She is a thrill-seeker and often pushes herself too far in search of the next big rush, novel experience, or excitement, something she sometimes has trouble restraining.


Rich Girl, Conspiracy Lore (Moderate), Firearms (Laser Weaponry, Fire Weaponry), Art (Holographic, Fashion, Holographic Fashion), Academics (Media, Geology, Cybernetics), Hot Stuff, Burning Passion, Burning Drive, Burning Power, Thrill-Seeker, Dangerous Thrill-Seeker, Risky Business, I Survived Being Boiled Alive And All I Got Was Septimal Powers, Finger Guns Have Never Been So Menacing