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Astro Man
Astro Man.png
Personal Information
Code Name The Coward From Beyond The Galaxy
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DWN 058
Faction Robot Masters
Function Orbital Defense
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Orbital Cannon
Secondary Specialty Whipping Boy
Weapons Solid Holograms
Primary Astro Crush
Type Physical
Secondary Copy Vision
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman 8
Theme Song

Character Data

"How did you find me? I feel so embarassed."


Astro Man was designed to be a planetarium tour guide, until Dr. Wily, realizing he needed a good space-capable warrior, botnapped and reprogrammed Astro Man to join his army of evil androids. He is of his past as a mere tour guide, and seeks to hide it from his comrades. Almost painfully shy, despite his power level, he shuns the company of others and hides his past by hiding himself both far away from others and behind his potent holographic powers, usually situating himself high above the Earth, watching events unfold from afar like a satellite. Rarely summons up enough courage for combat, and often only does so when he's run out of places to hide, but when he does he is a formidable fighter, able to attract meteoroids and asteroids to hurl at his opponents, doing devastating damage. Extreme shyness and lack of self-confidence are major detriments to his performance.


Astronomy, Photography, Cinematography, Doubles as a Jukebox, Nostalgia Value,Good With Children, Wobbles But Doesn't Fall Down, Saying the Wrong Thing at the Funniest Possible Time.




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