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General Atlas
Most Graceful And Beautiful Princess Atlas
Most Graceful And Beautiful Princess Atlas
Personal Information
Real Name 41 54 4C 53
Code Name Atlas
Race Strider
Gender Female
Creator/s Numerous
Birth Date Early 2205
Serial Number 41 54 4C 53
Faction Versus
Divisions Ninjas
Function Mega Man of Flame
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Military Commander
Secondary Specialty Heavy Assault
Weapons Brutal cunning, physical perfection, martial arts, morph cannons, Model F, Kung Chao Jie, trainees, grunts
Primary Skull Buster
Type Physical
Secondary One Inch Punch
Type Physical
Buster Colors Red and Orange
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX Advent
Voice Actor Claire O'Conner
Theme Song [[theme::Oil Field - Atlas' Stage]]

Character Data

"Those who die ignorant are simply unable to keep pace with progress."


Atlas is the leader of the Aesir by virtue of her brash manner and indomitable will. A genetically engineered superhuman, or "Mega Man", Atlas was developed to have tremendous strength and endurance. Raised in seclusion within a series of Black SHIELD laboratories, Atlas trained with her brothers to become supremely effective killing machines. Atlas in particular took to the study of firearms and gunplay, finding that she enjoyed marksmanship because of its ability to make targets explode satisfyingly. Like her brothers, Atlas is extremely well-educated, with her specialties being in military strategy and tactics. Because of her unusual upbringing, Atlas is often considered a tomboy by others. She has trouble seeing the value in traditional female traits, and often finds herself perplexed by the behavior of other women. Atlas will often hide her confusion or alarm with her blunt, sometimes abrasive manner. Her primary rival for her position is Aeolus, who often behaves as if he is in charge of the Aesir group anyway. The conflict between them keeps Atlas at the top of her game, and ensures that Aeolus is always busy.


Brother Toss, Military Strategy, Marksmanship, Languages (English, Russian, Chinese), Check Out These Guns, They're Even Named, Burrow Via Punching, Enforcing Change Via Punching, Accomplishing A Lot Of Things Via Punching, Red Eyes, Red Hair, Red Hands, Inexplicably Asian, Martial Arts (Strider-fu), The Strategic Application Of Fist To Face, Not A Map, Better Than Aeolus, Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Fire, Shrugging


Little is known about Atlas' background. She rarely speaks of her upbringing or early training. It does not seem to interest her very much. What is broadly known about her is that she is one of the highest ranking officers in Ouroboros. It is rumored that she may be Grandmaster Meio's favorite, but she publicly denies that sort of speculation.

Most of what is known about Atlas revolves around her ongoing love affair with Prince Kung of Henan Province, an up-and-coming figure in Ouroboros. Kung's rise to power may have been engineered by Atlas in the interest of ultimately marrying him. They are the subject of reverent fascination in the Chinese tabloids. Heroic efforts at photo-manipulation are made on a daily basis to de-emphasize the considerable height difference between the two. Nobody really buys it.


  • Atlas is generally seen as the most stable and level-headed Aesir. She is usually the face of the team to the public.
  • Atlas has taken it upon herself to try to find suitable wives for her brothers. This will probably end poorly, as the Chinese gossip press have speculated that at least two of them are gay. No one can really imagine the third brother with anyone.
  • Atlas is equally comfortable in a muddy trench as she is at a fancy party.
  • Atlas somewhat prefers the muddy trench.