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The Azran Emissary
Darynlunagirl w5 by striderden-db8k004.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Aurora
Code Name Sleeping Beauty, Stargazer
Race Replicant
Gender Female
Creator/s Queen Garsa
Birth Date ????
Creation Date ????
Death 2018
Serial Number None
Faction Versus
Function Living Fairy Tale
Technical Specifications
Primary Northern Lights
Type Electric
Secondary Claiomh Solais
Type Electric Blade
Buster Colors Purple and Blue
OOC Information
Game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
Voice Actor Jo Wyatt
Theme Song

Character Data

"I am a fairy tale. Magic just happens around me."


Aurora was once the replicant 'daughter' of Queen Garsa of the Azran people but after suffering through decades of war she rebelled against her own mother, slew her brothers and destroyed the Azran empire. It was only after Versus woke her from her self-imposed stasis that she was able to learn the true meaning behind her mother's actions and make peace with her former life. Now Aurora works with Versus, seeing it as her new family, and strives to teach others about the lessons of the Azran history and philosophy. Aurora is a serious-minded woman but her age and experiences have left her with some eccentricities. She speaks to poetry more than prose, is prone to manic periods, and has a decidedly Martian way of looking at problems. Nevertheless, she is a reasonable replicant albeit one with a powerful rebellious streak.


Briar Rose, Sleeping Beauty, Like Mother Like Daughter, Diplomacy, Puzzle-Solving, Canon Derailed, Fate Averted, Free Thinker, Crystal Gem, Sleeping Beauty, Former Barrier Maiden, A Dark Fairy Tale, Rogue Knight Errant, Stargazer, Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before, Emissary, Let's Do It Artistically, Rose of Azran, Immigrants: We Get The Job Done, CHANGE The World


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The Mind Palace

The Mind Palace is where Aurora organizes her memories. The method of loci comes from ancient Roman and Greek times and isn't unique to her, she is merely an adopter of it.


  • Sleeping Beauty was inspired by her.
  • This isn't the first time Aurora has been 'awake'.
  • Aurora is powered by a pre-stardroid orgone accumulator that converts bioenergy into electrical current. Martian technology registers her as a 'person' rather than as an object.
  • Unlike Mu Squad, she is not fused with stardroid tech.
  • Aurora doesn't use the internet that much due to it being a hive of scum and villainy.
  • But Aurora does enjoy Star Wars and Star Trek both thanks to Erik Harden and Roll respectively.

Social Links

  • Roll - The Star - Best friend. Aurora has a great deal of trust and love for Roll. While she doesn't idolize her, she is completely shameless in talking Roll up and primarily credits Roll for the restoration of her own spirit. Aurora is drawn to Roll's seemingly endless optimism for a better tommorow and hopes to 'share' in that 'song'.
  • Shield Shellfish - The Knight of Pentacles - Recently catapulted into besty status after nearly killing one another in front of Cavatina. It's said that actions speak louder than words and Shellfish's actions kind of turn her on. Aurora has vowed to love Shellfish more deeply than her family has hurt her. Believes Shellfish would have been an amazing Martian.
  • Cerisier - The Empress - Beloved roommate. Not actually a couple. Despite a poor initial meeting, Aurora now considers her a close friend. She hopes to hear Cerisier sing some day. Cerisier left the war to live out life normally as a human. Aurora doesn't exactly feel betrayed, but she does feel more...empty...when she thinks about it.
  • Noire - The Hermit - A clever but mysterious witch. Aurora's bond is still forming with Noire but she is interested in the woman.
  • Morrigan Aensland - The Moon - Morrigan gives Aurora some good advice from time to time, advice Aurora has taken to heart. Aurora is appreciative. Morrigan is younger than Aurora technically speaking but she's definitely more experienced due to Aurora's time in stasis so Aurora can be franker with her in a way she has difficulty in doing so with others.
  • Bly - Dad is kind of mysterious since Aurora never knew his past incarnation. She knows he and Morrigan were friends at some point. Or are friends?? She thinks she gets a little better why mother cares so much about him, though (he is an incredible chef). Aurora's love of swordplay comes from him.
  • Luna Platz - Mom overshadowed Aurora in life so she's something of an inspiration for Aurora to live as grand as possible, even if that's to her detriment (or to the detriment of others for that matter). She has a great deal of love and respect for Luna, but wouldn't want to work for her knowing that if she did, she wouldn't be able to grow and would give into despair once more. Aurora is her mother's daughter and is prone to pride and envy but is also determined and ambitious.
  • Erik Harden - Everyone should have someone to nerd out over Star Wars with. Erik Harden is that someone.
  • Sera - Aurora hopes Sera can enjoy rather than tolerate life.
  • Charlie Archer - It's weird how different moms can be even when they're the same person. Aurora hopes she can wrap her mind around this phenomena while engaging in space piracy.
  • Lead Cadet - How did Aurora end up with this guy as a rival?? That's a good question that Aurora can't answer.
  • Tessa Tabassa - Aurora is intrigued by this sorcerologist.


  • 2230-02-18: Ice to Meet You - Versus and friends meet a free thinker frozen in time.
  • 2230-02-19: If You Give Aurora A Beer - The newest resident of Omega, Aurora, is rescued from Sewa's clutches for a bar crawl.
  • 2230-03-19: Return to Wazap - Versus and friends arrive to Wazap in 1999 in search of the Azran Legacy. They meet some old/new foes/friends.
  • 2230-03-25: Battle for the Azran Legacy - The Azran Ruin Infiltration Team comes face-to-face with Leon Bronev for one last battle over the fate of Aurora-- and the world.
  • 2230-03-26: Puzzle for the Azran Legacy - After a long series of battles, saving Aurora from herself comes down to one last puzzle.
  • 2230-04-08: Fallen Angels - Kevin Walker, the pilot of the doomed UNS Legendary, is finally awake.
  • 2230-04-09: Refusing The Flame - Aurora meets a former Maverick who shares a familiar story
  • 2230-04-12: Hot LZ - Kevin Walker returns to Ares with his new allies from Earth. It's not quite that simple.
  • 2230-04-13: A Date With Your Family - The Platz-Seers family meets for dinner
  • 2230-04-15: Jungle Hunt - Our heroes set out to explore a Martian ruin in the jungles of Ares.
  • 2230-04-20: Danger - Kevin Walker leads the Ares team boldly into a trap. Ready?
  • 2230-04-22: A Mad Teaparty - After a days long crime spree, Moondyne Mouse and Crash Man find themselves with hostages after having setup a Robot Master-style fortress. Heroes show up to make a rescue--with a surprise guest star!
  • 2230-04-29: Wave Two - DARK makes an all-out assault on Legendary Colony.
  • 2230-05-04: Twisted and Turned - The Saint Beasts attempt to rob Charite's facility in Bethesda, Maryland in search of advanced genetic data for the Science-Emperor. Rai-on approaches the matter with his usual subtlety; Byakko is looking for a fight; Kaede wasn't even supposed to be here today. Problems start in many different ways.
  • 2230-05-05: I'm A Human I Eat Meat - Versus finally tracks the source of the mysterious drug peddled by the cultists, while at the same time, a swinging party is being held by rich idiots and featuring a guest appearance by Arthur Rutgers, high profile internet showman and the only guy speaking the truth in the entire universe. Surely nothing will come of these two things. Be there, location TBD.
  • 2230-05-11: Elven Convoy Menaces Dwarves - Luca and her new friend bother the Cameron City beer garden.
  • 2230-05-12: Beware As The DARK Returns - The final assault on DARK begins.
  • 2230-05-13: Are You Afraid Of The DARK - The fate of Ares rests on the unlikely shoulders of Sera as the heroes fight their final battle against the mad AI known as DARK.
  • 2230-05-22: Tea Time With A Time Traveler - Aurora introduces herself to Andruw.
  • 2230-05-23: My Dinner With Andruw - Andruw Nisse gets a special dinner date with an old foe, Raffinato.
  • 2230-06-02: Ashes - The Fourth Empire has taken a special interest in a temple on Klondike. The newly allied Zelkin leads a team to investigate.
  • 2230-06-08: To What End - The Fourth Empire's operations on Klondike are rapidly escalating. It's time to strike the most important military facility on the planet to find out what they're doing: The bar at the spaceport. This time, the allies get some unexpected good fortune to help them along.
  • 2230-06-10: Science-Emperor Bilstein - The Fourth Empire's Klondike project approaches its culmination. The Science-Emperor's faith in Gore has faltered enough so that Bilstein is coming to finish the job himself. And he brought friends.
  • 2230-07-08: Story of Luca - Luca moves in to attack Max Omega at Gore Gajah's behest. Can Versus save him and try to make sense to Luca once and for all...?
  • 2230-07-09: The Army Unites - After the formation of the United Army on paper, the various involved groups stage a social get-together to help patch old disputes.
  • 2230-07-12: More Deeply -
  • 2230-07-19: The Hyperconductor Heist - Nuclear Roach leads an attack on the Dotonbori Megaplex in Japan with Dark Man, Heretic and Moondyne Mouse for sensitive data and parts... but for what?
  • 2230-07-27: Kattelox Cookie Dance-Off - Nebulous Megatheroid and Bright Man show up with reaverbot hordes to Anthem's cafe each armed with a free sandwich coupon...? Reiz appears and challenges Bright to a DANCE OFF.
  • 2230-08-06: Sentry The Defiant - Castle Bilstein must fall, but it has a dangerous defender.
  • 2230-08-10: The Battle For Zeta - Part 1 - The forces of Omega head towards the final confrontation with Emperor Bilstein - but first must deal with Catherine Rain.
  • 2230-08-11: The Battle For Zeta - Part 2 - The final confrontation between Emperor Bilstein and the forces of Omega.
  • 2230-08-16: Goblin Raid - Completely out of the blue, goblins from another world raid a fireworks factory on the Texas border.
  • 2230-10-13: Atlantis Returns - After disappearing into deep space with Dr. Orihime at the helm, the city of Atlantis returns and lands on Mars.
  • 2230-10-14: The Orihime Incident - When legal extradition fails to get Dr. Orihime out of Atlantis and into jail, the US tries to do it themselves with a black ops squad.
  • 2230-10-21: The Fall Of Phoenix Wright - Versus and friends attempt to recruit Phoenix Wright, only to find the Dark Age of Law has begun
  • 2230-11-11: A Treasured Island - Pirates! Lost treasure! A rip-snorting tomb-raiding Halloween adventure that surely will not end in crushing psychological horror and insanity.
  • 2230-11-12: The Wine-Dark Sea - Yeah that part about the psychological horror and insanity was probably a lie.
  • 2230-11-14: Small Stick - On an expedition to SPACE LANKA to hack a server building and rescue it's IT staff, Blueside is run through MURDERWORLD by the maniacal Arcade!
  • 2230-11-15: Big Stick - Resistance and incursion in GENOCIDE-occupied Sri Lanka begins to come to a head!
  • 2230-12-05: Buck Creek Raid - Versus, angry at the US for kidnapping Dr. Orihime, takes the law into their own hands and starts a war.
  • 2231-01-16: Flame - There is a parade. And a murder.
  • 2231-01-24: Versus Secret Satan 2231 - Versus has their annual Secret Satan party, 2231 edition
  • 2231-01-27: The Fall Of Space Lanka PT 2 - The Unified Army fights through Steve's new Pseudoroid pack and gets to the Gravity Gun to finally save Sri Lanka. Can they succeed?
  • 2231-02-15: A Non-Sequitur Attack - Morrigan's alleged mansion in Scotland is set upon by a bunch of space hooligans for unclear reasons.
  • 2231-02-25: Reaper, Reaper - Joint forces of Versus and QUILL set an ambush for a strange hacker in September Record. Things go very wrong.
  • 2231-02-28: American Exceptionalism - Over the protests of the Canadian government, another American strike team shows up to investigate a Versus-owned facility freshly moved to Windsor, Ontario. There's not even the pretense that it won't get out of control this time.
  • 2231-03-02: Kattelox Potluck - Anthem organizes a pot luck dinner among Versus to boost morale. And to scam free food in exchange for coffee.
  • 2231-03-21: Touchdown on Venus - Unity attempt to establish a Front on Venus, Robot Masters and Genocide respond.
  • 2231-03-28: This Plot Is Bass' Fault - When the maverick Dinosaur Tank appears out of nowhere in Detroit, there is a massive rush to stop it before it can level the city.
  • 2231-05-01: Isolated System - Third time's a charm. A battle in the alternate future over data from the past. Omni Bass' agenda becomes clearer.... further results

Cut Scenes


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