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Personal Information
Real Name Auto Light
Code Name Car Face
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date 2200
Serial Number DRN010
Faction Versus
Function Wacky Dimensional Expert
Assignment Patch Up The Universe
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Repairs
Secondary Specialty Research/Business
Primary Auto Cannon
Type Explosive
Secondary Downgrades
Type Physical
Buster Colors Green & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman 7
Voice Actor Issei Futamata
Theme Song Megaman 9 OST - Shop (+soundtrack for more)

Character Data

"Science should be used to help, not hurt."


Auto has become one of the world's foremost dimensional scientists. Originally created as a lab assistant for Dr. Light, Auto strived to better himself to become respected for his own work. He became a mechanical virtuoso, capable of repairing the smallest computers or largest ride armors, and was known for many years for his bizarre inventions and esoteric experimentation. When dimensional turbulence began to afflict the Earth, Auto dedicated himself to understanding the strange quantum phenomena. He showed a strange intuitive talent for examining dimensional rifts and helped to develop much of CERN's current procedure for securing and studying tears in reality. Today, Auto works closely with CERN to monitor the Earth and our surrounding solar system for possible interdimensional threats. Yet, whenever Auto gets the chance, he comes back to Big Eddie's to repair household electronics, or to put together the latest crazy device he saw in his dreams. Kind-hearted and helpful, Auto has refused to let himself get bogged down by the personal traumas and horrors he has endured, acting as a beacon of optimism and hope even when things are at their worst. Auto avoids combat, but can defend himself with the Auto Cannon or a variety of bizarre devices he keeps on his person.


Electrical Engineering, Dimensional Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Inventing The Future, Futurist (Not Evil), The Anti-Angst, Swirly Eyes, Wearing Sweater Vests, Has To Be Taken Seriously By People With Actual Power, Dang Crazy -- Or Brilliant