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Avalanche Yeti
Avalanche Yeti.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date 8th August 2218
Faction QUILL
Function Secretive Mediator
Assignment Tenko's Kawaii Killers
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Arctic Defense
Secondary Specialty Eating Skiers
Weapons Frost Aura, Full-Body Tackles
Primary Drift Diamond
Type Ice
Secondary Hyouryuushou
Type Ice Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman X8
Theme Song

Character Data

"Let's not talk about that."


Yeti is one of the few to have been born knowing nothing but the Mavericks. A creation of Gate at the advent of Lumine, the collapse of the organization found him at a loss at what to do next. He really just wants the world to leave him alone, and was convinced Nephilim’s goals for peace meant he could get a little peace and quiet. While reserved and isolationist, he has a talent for mediating disputes so people will just quit being bothersome, leading him to pursue psychology as a vocation within Nephilim. He likes to act as a therapist for the other group’s woes and is generally a good earpiece, even if he takes a gruff approach to problem solving. He wields ice as his preferred weapon and can fire shards of it in his Drift Diamond attack, and can even burrow under the snow for surprise attacks. He harbors a secret hatred for penguins and likes to torment them in his free time.


Abominable?, Mediator, Secretive, Slandered In Christmas Specials, Smacking Penguins Helluva Far, Lover of Frozen Pop-Tarts And Unlucky Skiers