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Personal Information
Real Name Axl Rose Light-Cossack-Cain
Code Name Axl
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Light, Dr. Cossack and Dr. Cain
Birth Date 5/15/2217
Serial Number DLCCN-001
Faction Unified Army
Function Special Operations
Assignment Sling Guns
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Covert Ops/Ranged Specialist
Secondary Specialty Starry-Eyed Fanboyism
Weapons Twin Energy Morph Pistols
Primary Axl Bullet
Type Energy
Secondary Lockdown Round
Type Physical
Buster Colors Navy Blue & Crimson
OOC Information
Game Megaman X7
Voice Actor Jeffrey Watson (X8 & CM voice)
Theme Song Bad Boy - Miami Sound Machine

Character Data

"There's no turning back now."


Originally, Maverick Hunter Axl was born to fill the vacuum caused by X's retirement; it took the combined efforts of the three most talented Hunter scientists to make the dream of his being come true. With his accomplished skill in all types of firearms, his sheer speed, and the mysterious ability to transform into his enemies via DNA Soul emulation, Axl is just as powerful as his heroes -- and in his excitement he tried to prove it to whole faction. After the death of Sigma at his hands, the young reploid began to think more about his role as a protector of the world; he grew troubled and insecure. However, Axl has now removed the shackles of shallow imitation. While still just as much trigger-happy, carefree, and brash as before, his innocence has been tempered by the realities of war; accomplishments have taught him to hold himself in higher regard and talk freely, sometimes to the point of friction with others. Yet he respects the Hunters all the same, and strives toward the future as his own person, following in the footsteps of the legends before him to join their ranks.


Class: Special Operative, Prestige Class: Gunslinger, Marksmanship, Hero Worship, Martial Art: Gun-Fu, Shoots With His Mind, Yes, I Have A Scar -- PROBLEM!?, I Think I'm A Clone Now, Dramatics, Three Daddies, Replacement Son To One, Big Gun, A Bit Clingy, Calling Down The Thunder, Did You Say Nerd?, Racing Stripes (They Make Him Go Faster)



As the creation of three roboticists, Axl has quite the expanded family tree.

The Lights: Siblings with Rock, Roll, Auto, Blues (deceased, now Dark Man), and uncle to Mac

The Cains: Siblings with, Alia, Signas andFliptop.

Shared with Light and Cain: Siblings with Cut Man, Bomb Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Elec Man, Fire Man

The Cossacks: Siblings with Kalinka and Vava (better known as Vile, deceased).