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B.B. Hood
BB Hood.png
Personal Information
Real Name Bonnie Bulleta Hood
Race Human
Gender Female
Birth Date Early 2200s
Function Darkstalker Hunter
Technical Specifications
Primary Killing Time
Type Explosive
Secondary Beautiful Memory
Type Blade Water
OOC Information
Game Darkstalkers
Voice Actor Alison La Placa
Theme Song

Character Data

"I'll feel great after I kill everything in this world."


To most of the world, Bonnie Bulleta Hood looks and acts like a little girl. She's demure, cheerful, and likes to sing and pet her dog, Harry. Looks, however, can be deceiving. A victim of systemic hypoplasia, Bonnie struggled for years with a body that seemingly did not age - until researchers at TriCell seemed on the verge of a cure. Unfortunately for Bonnie, she was caught in Kijuju during the invasion of Makai, and the lab where she was to be cured was destroyed. Something inside her snapped that day, and she swore that she would take vengeance on the monsters that destroyed her life. Thanks to her friend Devilotte, Bonnie is armed to the teeth with the latest in military hardware and a reckless disregard for her own safety. Even in battle, she acts like and apparently thinks she is a sweet little girl.


Gun Fetish, Dresses Like A Little Girl, Is Not A Little Girl, All Smiles And Songs Until She Pulls Out A Gun And Goes Berserk, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Slasher Smile, Improbably Large Arsenal, Loves And/Or Terrifies Her Dog, Why Couldn't You Just Let Me Make Believe?, Get Your Adverbs Here


Bonnie Bulleta Hood was born in the early 2200s to a wealthy family and lived a relatively normal childhood. It wasn't until she reached puberty that anybody realized something was wrong. Bonnie simply stopped growing, her body seemingly frozen in a child-like state. Her condition was diagnosed as an extremely unusual form of hypoplasia that affected most of her body.

Bonnie attempted to make the best of her condition, but the challenges of living her adult life trapped in a child's body wore on her. Snappish and irritable, she had few friends, takiing to drinking and smoking as a way to 'take the edge off.' She did what she could to get by, living mostly off of her parents' money. The death of her parents during Ragnarok was a sore blow, however, further hardening her heart and making her prone to antisocial behavior.

There was a hope, however. In 2223, researchers from TriCell approached Bonnie as a potential subject for treatment. While they stressed to her that there was no guarantee that the process could work, there was, for the first time, hope. Relocating to Kijuju, Bonnie had the bad fortune of being present during the attack on that facility by forces from Makai. The research facility where Bonnie was being treated was located close to the portal system that was taken over by Q-Bee. The predatory Soul Bees killed and devoured most of the staff there, and the facility was all but leveled in the battle. Bonnie fled when the attack began, and once she realized what had happened what shred of hope she had faded away.

With Mr. K, her family's limo driver, the only remaining tie she had to her old life, Bonnie dropped off the grid, seeking for a way to get revenge on the "monsters" that destroyed her future. This eventually led her into establishing contacts with the Deathsatan pirate as she sought out training and support. She and Princess Devilotte hit it off almost immediately, becoming fast friends.

Over the next four years, Bonnie trained herself to fight, using hand-me down power armor from the Deathsatans and establishing ties with a pair of mercenaries-turned-big game hunters, John Smith and Arthur Wesson. In March of 2227 she made her first strike, attacking the new Soul Bee queen, Mach Thi Tien, in the middle of Gaia City. She was subsequently tied to the murder of several Blackguard groups, as well as hunting the werewolf Damian Wolfe.

She has since declared herself part of the Deathsatan pirates, working alongside Devilotte in the group's alliance with Nephilim.


  • Bonnie smokes Marlboros.
  • Arthur Wesson is voiced by Sylvester Stallone.
  • John Smith is voiced by Mickey Rourke.
  • Mr. K is voiced by Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
  • Arthur and John have been wed in common law for twenty years.
  • Arthur and John claim to have been Yeti hunting.
  • Aside from Devilotte, B.B. Hood's dog, Harry, is her only friend.
  • It's unclear just how deep Hood's psychoses go - she acts like a little girl but tends to flip out when people treat her like one.
  • She has irrational hatred for Mach Thi Tien and refuses to even listen to reason where she is concerned.
  • When not hunting Blackguards or monsters Bonnie makes money has a bounty hunter.
  • Bonnie's outfit is in fact a high-tech power armor given to her by Devilotte.


John Smith & Arthur Wesson
Mr. K disapproving of B.B. Hood's bad habits.
Yes, of you.


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