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Badman Jackalope
The Martian Outlaw
The Martian Outlaw
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Deckard and Resch Mining Co.
Creation Date August 10, 2224
Faction Grave
Function Pistolero
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Gunslinging
Secondary Specialty Mining
Weapons Revolver arm cannon, drill antlers, bombs
Primary Roulette Revolver
Type Physical
Secondary Spin To Win
Type Blade
Buster Colors Tan and Olive
OOC Information
Game OC
Theme Song

Character Data

"But who made us the way we are, huh? Men with guns."


Badman Jackalope is a freewheeling outlaw looking for a purpose in life. Originally a miner on Mars, the downsizing of the reploid market left him jobless and adrift, where he turned to gambling and eventually petty crime to survive. He has aligned himself with the Deathsatans and by extension Nephilim in hopes of further thrills and perhaps the chance to do something greater. Badman is an accomplished gunman who uses charm and trickery to outwit foes, and continues to indulge in his passion for gambling on the side. Many would assume his laid back demeanor makes him soft, but a few quick shots from his revolver cannon tend to dispel such a notion.


Sharpshooting, Quick Draw, Gambling, Betting, Card Counting, Robbing Banks, Tunnelling, Acting, Knowledge: Martian Geography And Colonies, Being Wascally


Badman began life in the industrial sector as a generic rabbit type unit in the summer of 2224. He was selected to perform mining and excavation operations and was grafted with a set of specialized drill 'antlers', due to the fact the company that commissioned his creation was based out of the American Southwest were the legend of the jackalope was popular. He was content with this simple life, often heading to the nearest large colony when off duty - picking up an interest in gambling along the way.

However, the sudden shift in the reploid market made the company talk of downsizing their work force. Badman could read the writing on the wall, but he didn't want to believe it. The time came where he was finally fired, and without much of a severance pay. Disillusioned by corporate dealings, he drifted across Mars, trying to earn a living by gambling. Unfortunately it wasn't enough, and he soon turned to petty crime to get by. He targetted banks and big businesses, figuring they all deserved it for his life predicament. It wasn't long before he learned the way of the gun, and took on a new moniker: Badman Jackalope.

He achieved minor infamy among the colonies and was declared Maverick, and a few would try and claim the bounty on his head. Badman resorted to tricks and elusive tactics to always stay one step ahead, only fighting if cornered. One day, in a sketchier side of the colonies, in a dimly lit casino and bar, he encountered a man by the name of Devilman. So it was that Devilman and Badman took to gambling in a series of games, and what went down between them is the subject of much debate. It did end with the casino closing permanently due to 'internal damages', but the important thing is, Badman had a new oppurtunity.

Joining the Deathsatan gang, Badman didn't expect to add piracy to his resume, but he has vowed to serve them loyally, and by extension Nephilim, who also share his anti-establishment sentiments. It seemed Badman finally found a home and a network, and there was a lot of money to swindle out of people.


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  • 2228-09-11: Mining The Past - Badman and his new friend/mentor Freeman Ophidian relax at Pitstop Station; Badman talks of his past, and plots are formed.
  • 2228-09-25: Ecstasy of Gold - Badman returns home, the mine he was created to work in and was subsequently cast out of. Looking for some revenge, he and his friend Freeman Ophidian decide to bring it all down as a statement against corporate greed.
  • 2228-11-16: The Fault in Our Stars - It's simple: We kill the Lumine.
  • 2228-11-21: In the Claws of the Squirrel Girl - A rag-tag group has fallen into the clutches of a terrifying foe from 616. Will they put their differences aside and escape before it's too late?
  • 2229-04-09: Hunting Season - A distress call from Val Verde marks the return of an escaped project of Dr. Kirk. People show up to investigate. Theseus is officialy done with the doctor.
  • 2229-04-10: Predators - After responding to a distress call and running afoul of an angry alien, the survivors of the encounter awaken on a strange world...
  • 2230-08-10: The Battle For Zeta - Part 1 - The forces of Omega head towards the final confrontation with Emperor Bilstein - but first must deal with Catherine Rain.

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