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Bare Necessities
Bare Necessities
Personal Information
Real Name ???
Code Name Baku
Race Strider
Gender Male
Birth Date Some time in between 2202 and 2203
Email A golden eagle.
Faction Independent
Function Black Dragon
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Killing Intent
Secondary Specialty Animal Friends
Weapons Baku
Primary Dragon Murder Fist
Type Physical
Secondary Act of God
Type Physical
Buster Colors Gold Satin
OOC Information
Game Mega Man MUSH
Voice Actor Taimak
Theme Song Kavinsky - Rampage (

Baku's mount and friend, Kylin.

Character Data

"A lion eats."


The man simply known as Baku, The Eater of Dreams, for his habit of adapting the techniques of those he defeats or kills, is something of an urban legend of unknown origins. Sometimes known as the Black Dragon, he's fought dozens of Striders over the years, some sent by Matic in the old days, to try and put Baku down like a wild animal, others simply random encounters in his travels. He was also known by martial artists as a fighting prodigy in his youth, challenging dojos with his pseudo-adoptive big brother, Raji. More recently, there are whispers of his terrifyingly unnatural mount, Kylin. His temperament is typically simple and jovial, but can switch to savage in an instant when he finds what seems like a worthy opponent. He follows a barbaric code of honor, only fighting with murderous intent, but never against the weak who haven't earned such a fate. However, most of the time he's touring a world he considers weak, diseased, and decadent, trying to discover what it is that makes people so attached to preserving the softness of civilization, while he tries to protect the environment and his animal friends at all costs.


Karate Mowgli, Mythological Mount, Ninja Urban Legend, Hands And Feet Grow With Muscles, The Killing Intent, And The Tourism Itch, The Legendary Super Afro, Bear Necessities, Save The Environment With Murder, Shoes Are For The Decadent, Feed Me More, Civilization is Weakness, Modern Society is Decadence, Barbarian Code Of Honor, Fists Are The Best Words, Pretty Smart Savage, With Strange Societal Interpretations, Animal Friends, But Sometimes You Have To Punch A Bear Or A Shark, All Kingdoms Will Fall In The Naturals Election



  • Eats food.
  • Fights.
  • Civilization is decadent
  • Even Ouroboros.
  • Has never used a portal.
  • Isn't registered to use portals.
  • Isn't registered to do anything, really.


  • 2229-07-30: The 200 Year Promise - Andruw gets shoved into a box. It leads to an extremely unlikely place.
  • 2229-07-30: The Strider's Birthright - Andruw meets Grandmaster Meio, who has a surprise for him.
  • 2230-12-01: Bass & Water Lanterns - Bass interrupts the Water Lantern Festival to cause chaos and get a taste of Versus' new Adepts. But mostly to cause chaos.

Cut Scenes


Ouroboros people would be most likely to know the things in his +finger, if they look for the information.