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Personal Information
Real Name Ballade
Code Name N/A
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date Exact Date Unknown
Serial Number RKN003
Faction Robot Masters
Function Executive Assistant
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Bodyguard
Secondary Specialty Personal Assistant
Weapons Ballade Cracker, Ballade Beam
Primary Ballade Cracker
Type Explosive
Secondary Ballade Shelling
Type Explosive
Buster Colors Purple & Lilac
OOC Information
Game Megaman IV
Voice Actor Wes Johnson (as Mr. Burke from Fallout 3)
Theme Song

Character Data

"Chaos and perfection have a melody, a rhythm of notes which exist in harmony with Dr. Wily's plan."


With his calm demeanor, unwavering devotion, and logic driven modus operandi, Ballade depicts the model Robot Master. The most efficient agent within Dr. Wily's ranks, Ballade has been assigned to fill duties beyond the singular bodyguard niche. Transitioned into an executive role, Ballade wears many hats as Dr. Wily's proxy. Ballade handles his master's day-to-day obligations, freeing Dr. Wily of mundane operational affairs, allowing the doctor to focus on the next diabolical scheme. From balancing budgets to the reallocation of drone placement, Ballade's responsibilities are not glamorous ones... but someone has to do them. As a field commander, Ballade's preparations come second to none. But combat is a highly fluid situation in which meticulous plotting is often capsized by abrupt shifts in the tides of battle -- navigating extemporization is not among Ballade's fortes.


Cool-Headedness, Explosives, Protocol, Ranged Combat, Manners, Bodyguarding, Marksmanship, Deadpan, Demolitions, Unfazable, Being One Bad Motha Shut Yo' Mouth! Crafts: Canes


Third in the Rock Killer series of Dr. Wily's androids, Ballade's primary role upon his creation was to be the personal bodyguard of the Robot Master head honcho. His role quickly expanded to being Dr. Wily's personal assistant (read: butler) and general caretaker. To allow him to better perform this role, Ballade has a firm knowledge of basic human healthcare, which was further expanded to minor robotic and cybernetic work after Dr. Wily was converted into a cyborg.

In more recent times however, Ballade's role within the upper echelons of the Robot Masters have been greatly expanded. His role of bodyguard, caretaker and all around servant now encompasses Dr. Wily's growing human family, mainly his mother Constance Wily, his son Leonard Regal and his 'grandson' Patrick Sprigs. He also serves as the main administrator and general secretary of the Robot Masters. It may be an organisation founded upon Albert Wily's ideals, but Ballade is the one keeping it running.

Ballade is still a capable warrior, however. His role as a pen-pusher has not detracted from his combat capabilities nor as his role as one of the main commanders of the Robot Masters. To compensate for this, Dr. Wily upgraded Ballade's processors, giving him access to many more trains of thought than before. For a short time after the upgrade, Ballade was prone to temporary black-outs, due to being unfamiliar with his upgraded systems and how to properly allocate data resources. These glitches have since been ironed out, and the effects are no longer noticeable to him.


  • Rumours abound at whether or not Ballade gives Dr. Wily sponge baths or cleans him up after using the bathroom. Only two people on the planet know the answer to this, and neither of them will ever tell you.
  • While Ballade has enhanced sensors over most other robots, they aren't as powerful as they could have been. He mostly uses them to detect threats such as explosives and would be assassins. Wily likes a challenge!
  • During the 'coup' of the Robot Masters by Redips, Ballade had to spend time with the Maverick Hunters. You can guess how much he 'enjoyed' that.
  • Ballade is quite skilled at a variety of tasks, though not exactly an expert in most. He can cook, bake, clean, and is a mixologist, amongst other things.


  • Ballade has a Busterable Bodyguard ability. How this works is anybody's guess.