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Barry Burton
Barry Burton.png
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Birth Date 2181
Serial Number N/A
Email b.burton@repliforce.mi
Faction Unified Army
Function Heavy Weapons Guy
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Barry's gun is his second wife. Beware.
Secondary Specialty Zombie Survival, Military Training, Pilot
Weapons .44 Colt Anaconda Custom "Silver Serpent", Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Beretta 92F Custom "Samurai Edge**"
Primary Samurai Edge Custom
Type Physical
Secondary Grenade Launcher Spread
Type Explosive
Buster Colors Red & Brown
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil
Theme Song

Character Data

"Hang in there! I'm coming!"


Barry Burton is a military veteran known for standing by his ideals to the end. Barry worked in SWAT and several military postings before joining the STARS initiative in Raccoon City. Blackmailed by Albert Wesker, Barry found himself put into the position of being forced to betray his colleagues or risk the lives of his family members. In the end, Barry chose what he felt was right by protecting his colleagues and in doing so ultimately saved his family. A broad-shouldered hulk of a man, Barry is one of the most dangerous men alive. Despite his imposing physical power, Barry is guided by a clear code of ethics and a strong sense of right and wrong.


Handgun Customization, Tyrant Protection Program, Knives Are for Wussies, Big Gun=Will Shoot, Card Carrying NRA Member, It's A Jill Sandwich, Take This=You Might Need It, Plotholes Are Where Real Men Live, It's A Vest=Not A Life Jacket, Neverending Pocket Space?!, WESKER!, Good Voice Acting Is Over-Rated, Bad Lines 101, Sandwich Good