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Belenus Molony
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Function Assassin
Technical Specifications
Primary Aequitas Cipher
Type Blade Fire
Buster Colors Gunmetal Grey & Flame Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Theme Song

Character Data

"Hate is a vicious cycle. The only way to end it is to let go."


One of the last of the Black Dragon Striders to train under Master Yosho Roshi, Belenus was a world class archer hailing from Ireland. With the rampant corruption suffered under the rule of the United Nations, his campaign of vigilantism using such skill reliant methods as a bow and arrow earmarked him for training by the Black Dragon Striders. His personal code of conduct, coupled with a devout adherence to Irish Catholocism, granted him the necessary discipline to become a highly effective assassin while maintaining a strict moral stance upon what targets he would accept. Best known for a royal screwup during an infiltration that caused the capture of Hunters Jazz and Sonata. This did not leave him well liked by many parties, coupled with his crass and obnoxious behavior on occasion. Becoming an independent agent after the Black Dragons dissolved entirely, Belenus worked with the European Resistance until becoming embroiled in the Yakuza/Triad War. The fallen Strider Grisha was dispatched to deal with him, and after several clashes, the two fought in Wiggin's Anatartic base as Linnea Blossom and Tetsuo Sakizaki battled the Master. Seeing the aspiring grandmaster was weak to fire, he threw his cipher to Linnea, to aid her attacks on Wiggin. However, the maneuver left him open to be mortally wounded by Grisha, whom he landed a killing blow upon before succumbing to his injury.