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Personal Information
Real Name Hector Hivers
Code Name Beltway
Race xDeo
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function Wolfpack - Demoman
Technical Specifications
Primary The Last Laugh
Type Explosive
Secondary Chain Mine
Type Explosive
OOC Information
Game Operation Raccoon City
Theme Song

Character Data

"I say we feed him to the locals."


Hector "Beltway" Hivers doesn't know when enough is enough. Hivers family moved from rural Puerto Rico to New York City when he was young. Hivers struggled to fit in until he learned how to use humor and practical jokes to earn people's trust. Unfortunately, Hivers love for pranks often cost him friends. He grew into a bully and developed a taste for homemade explosives, using them in increasingly elaborate pranks. Hivers joined the Army Corps of Engineers as a demolitionist. He quickly became one of their premier explosive experts in a brief but brilliant career. He lost his right leg in an explosion that ultimately led to his dishonorable discharge. Resentful of the UN military, Beltway took his services to the Umbrella Security Service. His new role was to see to forced entry and evidence disposal. Beltway has a black sense of humor made worse by a sociopathic lack of empathy for others. He loves cruel, humiliating practical jokes nearly as much as he likes destroying things with huge explosions. Beltway swears constantly, and takes pride in using obscenity in shocking and evocative ways.


Demolitions, Practical Jokes, Continual And Fluid Vulgarity, The True Master Of Unlocking Is Detcord, Has A Kickstand




  • 2230-10-14: The Orihime Incident - When legal extradition fails to get Dr. Orihime out of Atlantis and into jail, the US tries to do it themselves with a black ops squad.

Cut Scenes