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Wicked Witch
Personal Information
Real Name Berkana
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Function Psychotic Researcher
Technical Specifications
Primary Antipode Rage
Type Fire Ice
Secondary Godless Science
Type Energy
Buster Colors Dark Blue & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman Xtreme 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"The pursuit of scientific knowledge does not stop just because you find it uncomfortable."


Berkana is an amoral and some say unfeeling researcher under the employ of the Professor. A specialist in neural networks, it was Berkana's ruthless experimentations on captured Mavericks that led to the discovery of the DNA Soul and subsequent curing of the original Maverick Virus. She attempted to atone for the sins of her past in the Repliforce, only to fall short of expectations due to relapsing back to her old research methods. Now, in GENOCIDE, she is free to conduct experiments as she pleases once more, and it's rumoured she's delved even deeper into her immoral projects as well as expanding her knowledge more broadly. Possessed of a sharp tongue and a fearsome temperment when her anger is roused, Berkana has appearently rekindled her old relationship with Gate and is submissive to him in all ways, acting as a devoted partner. Some, however, wonder how long it will be until Gate ends up with a knife in his back.


Knowledge: DNA Souls, Knowledge: Neural Nets, Knowledge: Reaver Neural Crystals, Knowledge: Reploid Design, Science: Mad, Wicked Witch, Does Not Melt In Water, Acid Tongue, Shrill Harpy, Still In Gate's Shadow, Probably Saner Than Gate - But Only Probably






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