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The Bad Doctor
The Bad Doctor
Personal Information
Real Name Michaela Bertha Heinzwaffen
Code Name Bertha
Race xDeo
Gender Female
Faction Grave
Function Wolfpack - Pain Manager
Technical Specifications
Primary Giant Ampoule
Type Corrosive
Secondary Get It Together Rodent
Type Corrosive
OOC Information
Game Operation Raccoon City
Theme Song

Character Data

"Heh heh. That was fun. Its a shame they only die once, no?"


Michaela Bertha Heinzwaffen practices sadism and does a little medicine on the side. Michaela grew up in Germany under a doting, indulgent father and a strict, domineering mother. The wildly variable and seemingly arbitrary discipline she endured as a child led her to want to inflict pain on others. She enlisted in the UN military to get through medical school, and served as a field medic during much of the European occupation. She was effective but acutely unpleasant, and so was one of the first to go when the UN started to draw down its standing European forces. A failed foray into civilian medicine led her to join the Umbrella Security Service. While her cruel bedside manner does not win her favor, her skills are peerless, making her invaluable to the Wolfpack. Crass and brutal, Bertha has only a passing acquaintance with anesthesia, preferring the surety of agony to educate her patients on what not to do. Off the field, Michaela likes to go to eurobeat clubs, perhaps proving her sadist bona fides.


Medicine, Field Medicine, Working Miracles That Feel Like Damnation, German Sparkle Party




  • 2230-10-14: The Orihime Incident - When legal extradition fails to get Dr. Orihime out of Atlantis and into jail, the US tries to do it themselves with a black ops squad.

Cut Scenes