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Black Hell Hunter
Personal Information
Real Name Ilhuitil Aguilar Rueda
Code Name Black Hell Hunter
Race Adept
Gender Male
Faction Versus
Function Monster Hunter
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Monster Hunting, Baking Chicken Breasts, Gains
Secondary Specialty YouTube Challenges, Supplement Advice
Weapons Gunlance [Lagomberator]
Primary Glacial Shell Burst
Type Ice Explosive
Secondary Lagombi Ball
Type Ice
Buster Colors Green and Brown
OOC Information
Game Monster Hunter
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
Theme Song

Character Data



Ilhuitil Aguilar Rueda and his twin brother Andy are former Neo Arcadian soldiers who deserted in the face of the army's final battle. Tempered by time and life, they have become the (questionably) elite Hell Hunters, the beaming faces of the A-Lister program. Black, as he is commonly known, is a serious and earnest man, prone to stubbornly focusing on problems until they're solved but slow to react to sudden changes. He tries to think things through and act as a check on the kinds of wild impulses his brother comes up with. He is relaxed and outgoing socially, with an active competitive streak, a love of arm wrestling, and one of YouTube's most popular dumb stunt channels. Black has adequately maintained his Pantheon enhancements and wields the Lagomberator, a Gunlance that supplements powerful explosive shells with Septimally-charged ice and snow. Skills


YouTuber (L.A. Beast), The Square-Faced One, Arm Wrestling, Meal Prep, Macro Calculation (S-Rank), Titanium Stomach, Lifts To Eat, Ice Cold Under Pressure, The Music Pounds, The Weights Crash, We Worship At The Church of Iron


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  • 2230-01-31: Hell In A TriCell - The Fourth Empire strikes TriCell with the help of the Hand of Makai cult.

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