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Blade Arya
The Knight
The Knight
Personal Information
Real Name Balada Arya
Code Name Blade Arya
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Faction Unified Army
Function Guardian
Technical Specifications
Primary Soul Mirror
Type Blade
Secondary Armor Missile
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Red Earth
Theme Song

Character Data

"Power is doing what is necessary to get the job done."


Balada Arya, better known as Blade, has long served as the captain of the Jammu guard. He is the best friend of his prince, Leo, and he takes pride in making sure that when he receives an order, it gets done. Hes willingly sacrificed his own body to become a better guard and warrior, augmenting it with cybernetics and the massive, highly advanced Adrayer Sword. Blade is rightfully proud both of his abilities and his achievements. After all, who else has given more for their cause than he?


Im The Best There Is At Whatever Wolverine Does, It Is A Sword And A Drill And A Whip, The Giant Blade Cape Is Entirely Necessary, I Asked For This, Knight In Shining Armor




  • 2230-10-29: Earth Red As Blood - The Hand and GENOCIDE attacks a sleepy village in China. Unexpected opposition arrives to stop them!

Cut Scenes