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Blade Man
Blade Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function All Melee All The Time
Assignment Waiting On A Dream
Technical Specifications
Primary Blade Launcher
Type Blade
Secondary Bad Ai Programming
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 10
Theme Song

Character Data

"I have become the blade; I am honed to the finest edge."


Blade Man was once one of the dumbest Robot Masters, and now may be among the smartest. A former Scott Wily design, Blade Man was known for his simplistic jumping pattern and minimal situational awareness. In a fit of whimsy, Dr. Wily took Blade Man aside and radically redesigned him, upgrading his neural net and weapons systems. The new Blade Man bears almost no resemblance to the old. Today, he finds his former life as an abused robot a source of limitless anger. Blade Man has developed a strategy to get even with all of the people who had mistreated him in the past; playing dumb to trick them into thinking he's harmless, allowing him to engage in Monte Cristo-esque revenge plots. His ultimate objective is to unseat Giga Man from his position as the "favorite" Scottbot, and rule over all the former Overlords. In combat, Blade Man is a master tactician, preferring to unleash waves of thrown blades at a distance. While he still enjoys the old jump and shoot, Blade Man is also skilled with dueling in close combat. He has become one of the world's foremost self-proclaimed experts on melee weapons, focusing on the numerous types of swords in the world. Sometimes his enthusiasm for bladed weapons gets away from him, causing him to ramble on endlessly about minutiae that no one really cares about for hours.


Flowers For Algernon (Bad End), Count Of Monte Stabso, Reversals Of Fortune Do Not Make You Nice, Knowledge: Melee Weapons (all), Nasty Boss Pattern, The True Power Behind The Squad, His Enemies Don't Even Realize It Yet




Cut Scenes