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Blast Hornet
Blast Hornet.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Faction QUILL
Function Demolitions
Assignment Reserve Marines
Technical Specifications
Primary Parasitic Bomb
Type Explosive
Secondary Sting Dive
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X3
Theme Song

Character Data

"Troubled pasts are like explosions: never look back at them."


Blast Hornet has what some would call an explosive personality. She is vivacious, loud, and carefree, traits that one would think would be ill-suited for handling explosives, though she expresses a mastery of her craft through her ability to quickly and precisely apply the amount of force needed to do the job. Recently released of her obligations to Repliforce, her experiences with the Robot Wars have led her to the side of Nephilim, working to apply her talents towards ending the war so she can finally be free of her past. Her specialty weapon is the Parasitic Bomb, a flying explosive hornet drone that can latch onto her foes.


Badaboom Badabing, Explosions For Fun, Sometimes For Profit, Like A Bee To A Flame, Bedazzler, Precision Bombing In Her Sleep, Got A Motor In The Back Of Her Honda, Fireworks Are For Rookies