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Blizzard Buffalo
The Rarest of Beef
The Rarest of Beef
Personal Information
Real Name Blizzard Buffalo
Code Name BB, Blizz, Buff, Beefalo
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s United Nations
Creation Date December 12, 2202
Serial Number UN #320
Faction Independent
Function Rear Guard
Assignment Remain Delicious
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Defensive Combat
Secondary Specialty Ice Sculpture
Weapons Cryogenic Ice Generation, fists, horns, loincloth
Primary Frost Shield
Type Blade Ice
Secondary Rushing Pin
Type Physical
Buster Colors Navy Blue and Violet
OOC Information
Game Megaman X3
Theme Song

Character Data

"Better to be slow and sure than fast fast and dead."


One of the earlier members of the fallen Coalition for Reploid Freedom movement, Blizzard Buffalo's legacy of quietness and dutifulness belies an organization whose history is steeped in opnely purposeless bloodshed. His restraint comes from his tendency to think things thoroughly before acting, as to not leave regrets or deliver the wrong message about his intents and beliefs... or so he hoped. Level-headed and humble, he held his ground even when his former friends encouraged vulgar displays of power. Instead of being left in a cell for many years to ponder what effect he has had on the world and how he could have done things differently, the Hunters extended an offer to him. Fully believing in the Hunter cause as being what he originally hoped to accomplish, Blizzard Buffalo fights for the sake of peace for all people. Difficult to rouse to anger or action, some may accuse him of being lazy or a coward. In truth, he is afraid of making even more mistakes or delivering misinterpreted messages in a world that seems more than ready to pounce on the simplest misstep, which puts him at odds with the more reckless sorts. True to his name, he fights with the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the enemies of freedom, carefully dismantling every threat to determine the best means in which to solve them.


Snorting, Careful Consideration, Slow And Steady Wins The Race, The Gauging Buffalo, Smart Muscle, Playing It Cool, Fast: Ice Sculptures, Slow: Everything Else


Blizzard was created very early in the genesis of the reploid people,to serve in Repliforce against the threat of the Robot Masters. With his cryogenic systems he did his tour of duty well, which ended soon after Wily was defeated and peace was apparently at hand. Blizzard was assigned to work at a ski resort, generating artificial snow and doing menial labor. He began to object to this, but was firmly ordered by the UN to do the job for his new‘masters’. The seeds of mistrust in humans begin in him; like many, he yearned to grow on his own instead of being treated like a tool.

The day of Sigma’s revolution came, and Blizzard was suddenly forced back into military service to combat them. His old comrades found him more absorbed than usual, especially once Sigma made his goals known. Once the Mavericks had risen again thanks to Vile, Blizzard was among those that defected permanently, hoping to change the world through revolution. Colored by propaganda, he saw great things ahead.

The years went by and the fighting was long. His firmness in his beliefs began to erode after the takeover of Europe and the subsequent change in Sigma from a charismatic rebel leader to a warped monster. But Blizzard stubbornly held fast, figuring things would soon work out for the better. They didn’t, and the Mavericks soon were deposed by Lumine. Blizzard did not raise a hand to either side, remaining passive. He turned his sights to the Irregulars,and was one of the first to support an alliance with them when things weren’t going so hot under the Gatebot’s rule. It was with them that Blizzard’s ice sculpting talent was brought to light, and he listened attentively to Epsilon’s teachings. When the split happened, he felt guilty and devastated. His hear twas no longer with what he saw as a shadow of the organization’s former self,and he gave in to defeatism. He ended up spared and captured during one assault, and imprisoned. A little while later, he was offered to redeem himself in the Hunters, and accepted with gratitude.

After the dissolution of the Hunters, Blizzard drifted; he felt his place was not with Star Force, and instead briefly joined Zero’s mercenary company before deciding he wasn’t meant for mercenary life either. Now he faces yet another decision: where will he end up next that he may continue his rocky road?



Bomb Man: Truly my best friend. He knows the difficulty of finding a new path, and he has always been nice to me. Though I feel his seemingly unending optimism to be somewhat reckless, I would not dare to try and lessen it.

Chronoton Duck: He is certainly an odd one. Half the time I am afraid of triggering a panic attack in him. But he is a nice guy, and I am rather fond of him. Even with the speech...nevermind.

Pink Skald: She is certainly cheerful, if oddly...ancient is the word I'd use, in speech and thought. Like a true viking stepped into our age. I enjoy swapping stories with her.


Kraft: That man...or what passes for a man, is no better than those he hunts, yet people encourage him on. It is disgusting. I feel terrible for what was done to him, but one day, he will come for me, and I will be ready.


-Is the rarest of beef -One of a few ice reploids that sculpts.