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Blizzard Man
Blizzard Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Arctic Missions
Technical Specifications
Primary Blizzard Attack
Type Ice
Secondary Snow Boulder
Type Ice
OOC Information
Game Megaman 6
Theme Song

Character Data

"Try and try again, even if no one wants you to."


Blizzard Man is helpful, optimistic, and never stops trying. He's also a walking disaster area. Clumsy, he's always knocking things over (due to the fact he never takes off his skis or puts down his ski poles), breaking stuff, doing exactly the wrong thing, or just getting in the way. But no matter how badly he screws up, he's always anxious to get up and try again. Aside from various cold and ice powers, Blizzard Man's trademark is the Blizzard Attack, which fires off a set of snowflake blades that often strike as many friends as they do foes. He can also roll himself into a dense ball, steamrolling over everything in his path. Particularly dangerous in icy conditions, where the ball grows ever larger with packed on snow. Blizzard Man's eagerness to "help" is not looked at as an advantage by most of his comrades, since it's usually them he wants to help.


Optimisim, Skiing, Accidents, Looking Like A Snowman, Snowcone Production




Cut Scenes