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Blizzard Wolf
Blizzard Wolf.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Blizzard Wolf
Code Name Blizzard Wolf
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date June 20th, 2215
Serial Number GBN-003
Faction Unified Army
Function Security Consultant
Assignment Howl At The Moon
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Security
Secondary Specialty Surveillance
Weapons Poactive Defense
Primary Ice Burst
Type Ice
Secondary Hydroga
Type Ice
OOC Information
Game Megaman X6
Theme Song 7 Days till the Wolves by Nightwish

Character Data

"I prefer adversity shaken, not stirred."


On the surface, Blizzard Wolf seems to have a split personality. On the battlefield he's a howling terror, tearing into his foes with seemingly reckless abandon. In person he's charming and polite, impeccably polite and witty. In truth his feral nature is a calculated act, meant to intimidate his foes and cause them to panic and leave themselves open for attack. The first of Gate's creations, his early life was tempered by the betrayal of some of the team to the Mavericks, and later Gate's greater betrayal to the Mavericks and then Ouroboros. While for a time this made him paranoid and devoted to destroying the works of his father, time and reason have prevailed and replaced paranoid with an icy determination to see justice done. In combat, Blizzard Wolf uses his razor-sharp claws and icy breath to devastating effect. In his environment he is nearly unmatched, but his systems react poorly to heat and operating in extreme temperatures makes him sluggish and prone to accidents.


Climbing, Running On All Fours, Pouncing, Security Systems and Procedures, Acting Calm, Hidden Paranoias, Dry Wit, Minty Cool Breath