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Personal Information
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Function Meat Miracle
Technical Specifications
Primary Thunder Kick
Type Physical
Secondary Lightning Kick
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Captain Commando
Theme Song

Character Data

"The iron never lies to you. 200 kilos will always be 200 kilos."


Blood is willing to pay any price to be strong. Whatever his real name was didn't make it into Mexico when he joined up with the Pantheon. Blood joined up to get huge, not caring about robots one way or another. Blood built himself into a physical juggernaut, a mighty pillar of meat that was barely held together by cutting-edge augmentations. When Neo Arcadia came crashing down, Blood fled to Dr. Weil to maintain his augmentations. Weil cared little for the aesthetics of humans, and so kept Blood combat-capable by a brutal regimen that left him scarred and pockmarked. When Weil fell, Blood became a raider, linking himself to one of the Pantheon remnants that hid in South America in return for upkeep drugs. When they went to Ouroboros, Blood went along without batting an eye. A sociopath, Blood only cares about becoming stronger. Robbing, killing, committing unspeakable acts -- as long as he keeps getting his aug fix, and has weights to lift, Blood is satisfied. Obsessed with an inhuman standard of beauty, Ouroboros controls him by promising to mend his scars and sculpt him into as-yet unimaginable proportions. Blood lifts weights like practicing religion, and enjoys challenging his rivals to contests of strength.


Martial Arts (Savate), Big Arms, Soldiery, Super Soldier-ish, Lifting, Powerlifting, More Powerlifting, There Is No Reason To Be Alive If You Cannot Do The Deadlift, Raw Physical Power, Getting Huge, Genetic Freak, Will Beat You Down With His Feet, Not His Guns, That's How Weak You Are To Him