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The Rogue
The Last Purifier
The Last Purifier
Personal Information
Real Name Bailey Solo Seers
Code Name Rogue
Race Purifier
Gender Male
Creator/s Dion and Esmerelda Seers
Birth Date October 30, 2207
Serial Number REDACTED
Faction Grave
Divisions Chariot
Function Jackie Estacado
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty The Eternal Champion
Secondary Specialty Culinary Arts
Weapons Martial arts, darkness powers, Laplace, military training, above-average intellect
Primary Laplace The Oncoming Darkness
Type Blade
Secondary Rogue Breaker
Type Physical
Buster Colors Red and Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force 2
Voice Actor Ice-T
Theme Song SSR3 OST - 34 - Theme Of Bly

Character Data

"Teamwork is the weaponized form of friendship."


Bailey Seers has found a purpose to his life. The son of assassinated President Dion Seers, Bailey sought revenge against Cyber Peacock for his father's murder by joining forces with the Blackguards. Betrayed in a failed human sacrifice, Bailey merged with a Martian weapons system to become the Rogue. Bailey killed Cyber Peacock with his new powers, but found revenge empty. He ultimately found fulfillment within the Nebula Syndicate working as a teacher and mentor for young Striders. Bailey has grown into a kinder, more empathic person who sees himself as someone who solves practical problems. His teaching emphasizes avoiding the self-destructive path that consumed his early life in favor of more constructive solutions. Bailey's relentless training has made him into a chiseled specimen and brilliant martial artist, and has given him a growing command over the Dark Matter that powers his sword, Laplace. His work with Yahoot Mahajorama has also molded him into a professional chef. While Bailey is personally powerful, his enemies can use his desire to protect the people around him to put him into dangerous situations.


Culinary Arts (Master), Languages (English, Spanish, Creole French, Pidgin Portugese, High Martian), Martial Arts (Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Wood Style, Daryn Style), Melee Combat (Knives, Swords), Squad Tactics, Urban Combat, Yoga, Anti-Villain, Cultured Badass, Sharp Dressed Man, White Haired Pretty Boy, The Tyranny Of Evil Men, But Trying Real Hard To Be The Shepherd, Great Teacher Bly



Bailey Solo Seers was born on October 30, 2207 to Dion and Esmeralda Seers in Key West, Florida. He has one sibling, a sister three years his junior named Calypso Sunrise Seers. He was a bright and athletic child who was encouraged to pursue excellence in everything he did. Bailey received a fine Jesuit education for the first thirteen years of his life, and received early training in aikido as part of an overall strategy of physical fitness.

The edge of the world.

Bailey's father was Dion Seers. Dion was a former Florida Gators wide receiver turned politician. Dion became the President of the United States when Bailey was 10 years old, and most political observers expected him to win a second term in the following election cycle. A staunch libertarian, Dion was a passionate believer in personal freedom. He passed his love of personal liberty, along with his skeptical agnosticism, to his son. As Bailey grew older, these virtues tended to translate into him being a towering pain in everyone's ass. He developed a particular dislike of the press.

Bailey became more disinterested in school as he grew into a teenager. The turmoil of the Seers administration, often caused by Maverick Hunter incidents, led Bailey to develop a cold antipathy toward the Maverick Hunters and Neo Arcadia in roughly equal measure. Still, everything still seemed on course for a second Seers term. The Space Elevator was a great success, and his domestic agenda was generally popular.

The Death of Dion Seers

Cyber Peacock assassinated Dion Seers on September 11, 2220 in an effort to raise human-Reploid tensions. The senseless, pointless death of his father broke something inside of Bailey. When Ragnarok began to ravage the world, Bailey escaped from his Secret Service minders and pursued power with the Blackguards. Bailey soon found a mentor in the form of Hyde, a cynical villain who sought only to enrich himself at the expense of others.

Bailey and Hyde worked together, with Hyde promising Bailey power in return for service. Bailey's first attempt to wreak havoc on the world in a reconstituted Goliath ended with him losing most of his left arm. The allied forces destroyed the Goliath, and the US dragged Bailey back home in irons. A timely application of political capital kept the incident out of the news. Bearing loyalty to no one, Bailey turned state's evidence against the Blackguards in return for staying out of federal prison.

Maimed, Bailey spent several months committed to a Catholic mental institution by his heartbroken mother. The doctors made various efforts to reach Bailey, but the experience only hardened him to others. In the end, the facility discharged Bailey when he could lie convincingly enough that he was reformed. Bailey returned to his goal of trying to become powerful enough to kill Cyber Peacock. He refused a cybernetic prosthetic, wanting to keep his wound as a reminder of his earlier failure.


Bailey's life began to turn for the better when he ran away from home again. This time, Bailey ended up on the Nation of "Z" after Daryn Luna recruited him to his cause. On "Z", Bailey would meet Yahoot Mahajorama, yogi and chef, who was able to reach Bailey through the art and science of cooking. Bailey trained beneath Yahoot, making lifelong friends of the Striders and other staff on "Z". One such friend was Dex Ogreon, who would become an inseparable ally to Bailey in the years to come.

Bailey spent a year on "Z". During that time, he learned to focus his anger and clear his mind. He underwent the beginnings of a spiritual awakening, starting to learn how to reach out to other people. When Grave ordered the evacuation of "Z", Bailey took the opportunity to slip away quietly to resume his quest to kill Cyber Peacock. Hyde found him once again, making him an offer for more personal power in the form of a Master Plaga. Seeing the Master Plaga as a route to fast physical power, Bailey accepted Hyde's bargain. The two worked together to help the Los Illuminados cult capture Ashley Graham in the name of compromising the American government. Bailey knew the plan would fail, but planned to betray the cultists and escape with his newfound physical power.

Los Illuminados.

Bailey didn't escape cleanly. Ada Wong destroyed his Master Plaga and left him to die in the Portuguese wilderness. Daryn saw the opportunity to try to teach Bailey an important lesson, so sent Kraft to confront Bailey. The two saw common cause in each other, leading Bailey to spend a brief period training under Kraft as his sidekick. Bailey learned of tactics and strategy, and of the value of harnessing the power of fear. The two parted ways after a season together, allowing Bailey to return to his quest.

Hyde caught up with Bailey once again. This time, Hyde proposed to make Bailey like him with the Dark Power. It could be nothing else but a trick, but Bailey's need for more power found him accepting Hyde's offer. Bailey knew the betrayal was coming, but had no concept of just how far Hyde was willing to go to become even more powerful. He died for the first time on a plinth inside of the Meidum pyramid, apparently sacrificed to one of Hyde's dark gods.

Death Is The Beginning

The Martian sword Clarent resurrected Bailey. At the time, Bailey had no knowledge of his true nature or noble heritage. The sword's AI, Ih Star, reconstituted him as the Rogue, transforming him into a creature of darkness. He fled the pyramid and began to learn about his new abilities. Bailey returned to "Z" for teaching, now as powerful as any Strider. He would be able to win his revenge.

A chance encounter led him to meet the love of his life, Luna Platz. He had no desire for a relationship and the baggage that came with it, but there it was. She was lovely and wonderful, a dark and twisted jewel that sparkled in the darkness around him. He needed her, and as the months passed, it became clear that they needed each other. All the while, Bailey worried over all of the people he was picking up around him weakening his will to fight. Would they get in the way of his revenge? Would they leave him vulnerable at a critical moment?

Bailey hunted down and killed Cyber Peacock, but the catharsis he expected did not arrive. Cyber Peacock did not die gallantly or bravely. He ran until the very last, and then offered no resistance when Bailey finally struck him down. It felt senseless and wasteful. Standing in front of Cyber Peacock's ruined core, Bailey finally saw the truth that Daryn had tried to teach him about revenge. He had destroyed almost everything about his old life, and had lost far more than he gained. He felt lost and disheartened. What would become of him now?

The power of the Rogue Hand.

The resurrection of Cyber Peacock was almost the death of Bailey. Bailey fell into the trap Hyde helped to set for him, escaping only by chance. It cemented in Bailey his responsibility to destroy the Blackguards and their alien helpers before they could do any more harm to the world. Cyber Peacock had permanently slipped from his grasp, but there were bigger problems to face.

Bailey played his role in the final battle against Ra Moon. The battle left him ravaged, and all but destroyed. Yet, through the bonds of friendship he shared with his friends, they were able to fight through to the end of the Zodiac Wars. They bore scars from their battles, but they lived to tell the tale. He slew Hyde and took his power into himself, reforming Clarent into the blade Laplace. The great struggle seemed to be over.

A New Life

Bailey worked to find a new place in the world after the FMian scourge fled. He became one of Grave's strongest soldiers, diving in to fight monsters and horrors from beyond the veil. When the threat of Halloween loomed, Bailey was inevitably on the front line to fight. He grew in standing among his peers, distinguishing himself by his cunning and leadership ability. Increasingly, Bailey found himself teaching younger students. At first, Yahoot only used him to substitute for basic courses, but Bailey found that he had talent for teaching. He liked to share what he knew.

Bailey found himself making deeper connections to the people around him as time went by. Mai Atsuki put Bailey and Luna into an operations team with Mach Thi Tien and Celia Westwood. The four would become "Chariot." With the operations oversight of Dex Ogreon, the five would begin to face off against the strangeness of the world while slowly becoming something not wholly unlike a family.

Luna played an important role in helping Bailey open up to others. She helped Bailey come to see the value of reaching back out to his family, helping to rebuild the bridges he had burned by running away through his youth. In the end, it was a chance meeting with Xianghua Xue that changed the trajectory of Bailey's life forever. Seeing how Xianghua had destroyed herself in the name of revenge against Grandmaster Meio cemented for Bailey that he needed to repair the harm he had done during his quest to destroy Cyber Peacock. Bailey vowed to himself that he would try to stop people from following his self-destructive path, and began telling his story to others as a warning.

Through hard work and determination, Bailey earned recognition as a full Strider by Mai Atsuki. Having passed the lengthy trial, Bailey put himself to work becoming an effective teacher and mentor to the younger Strider students ("Chans"). He focused on making himself into more of a grown-up, taking more care about how he dressed and presented himself to others. Some of this was surely Luna's subconscious influence, as the connection between the two deepened as the years went on. Bailey started to think about a future that didn't involve stabbing people in the face, thinking ahead to a more peaceful future with Luna.

The endless battle.

Second Death

That future seemed to refuse to arrive. The relics of Mars kept resurfacing across the world, and Bailey increasingly saw his role as a protector of their legacy. As he delved more into Martian history and lore, he began to realize that his connection to that past was stronger than he had originally believed. Did that ancient past also involve Luna? As she grew in power with him, Bailey wondered if this hadn't all happened before in some other time.

Bailey's interest in the past was often set aside by the demands of the present. He developed his own operations team, "Django," seeking to mold them as he was molded by Mai Atsuki. Bailey took on more and more responsibility for training the Chans, trying to counsel them against foolish revenge and other self-destructive behaviors. He reached out to Jack Hunter, seeing him as a kindred spirit. Bailey helped Jack get through his Ouroboros-inflicted trials, earning the younger man's respect as a mentor and friend.

A new trial loomed. Luna wanted to have the best senior prom ever, and was willing to do nearly anything to get it. Her anxiety and tension pressed into Bailey, saturating him even as it pushed him to do his best to secure that dream for her. He organized a team to make sure that everything would run according to plan on that day. Bailey made plans. He was careful and cautious, but in the end, his inexperience allowed Showroom Hawk to take revenge... make a statement... something, Bailey still doesn't understand entirely what was going on there, but to traumatize Luna and leave Bailey on death's door.

Bailey went to the edge of death after the attack. When his friends helped to draw him back, he sought out the aid of the Dread Joker in becoming stronger in his powers. The Dread Joker taught Bailey in the manner he was accustomed to, allowing Bailey to rise up from his defeat and strike back at his foes. He used his newfound strength to protect the White House, earning a Presidential Medal of Freedom for his bravery in preventing the building from being Apocalypse Cannoned.

The battle against Nephilim ended with Showroom Hawk destroying herself in an effort to kill Luna. It reinforced for Bailey the futility and horror of revenge, but he knew that Luna could only learn that lesson on her terms. As Luna continued her journey for power, Bailey knew that Nephilim would only stand in her way. The happy future Bailey wanted for himself and Luna would never happen unless he worked to make it so. As Tien sought to strengthen herself as a Q-Bee, Bailey realized that they would all have to stand together against the people who would stand in the way of their ascension.


On the surface, everything seemed fine. Luna went off to Harvard, and Bailey further professionalized himself as a teacher and mentor for young Striders. Everyone in Chariot began developing the foundations of the things they wanted to accomplish in their lives. Tien grew in Q-Bee power, and Celia developed herself into a fitness celebrity.

Yet the weight of the distant past kept pressing in on Bailey. The von Bleucher expeditions uncovered the Psycho Drive, seeming to awaken Luna's true nature. Even as Bailey struggled to stay linked to the von Bleucher missions, he began watching Luna's shift into a darker nature. Prom had left them both deeply damaged, opening doors within her mind that had previously been shut. They began pursuing the remnants of Shadaloo, seeking out what Vega had left behind. Had it been for them all along?

It was finding the Hat that ultimately damned them. The Hat, and the promise the Hat made to Luna, sent them down an inevitable path. When Clock Man kidnapped Sonia, it was as if their pilgrimage to Shadaloo was preordained. Vega took Luna away for a while, making it look like a kidnapping, but Bailey knew the truth. It was exactly how Vega wanted things all along.

Things were different after Sonia returned. Luna and Sonia's relationship seemed to have soured. Their last conflict in the Principality did damage that was not so easily mended. The scars are deep, and the shape of the future is unclear.


  • Bailey is fueled by the power of love. Very directly.
  • Bailey is the token male member of Chariot. His special talent is 'killing everything'.
  • Bailey can do a really good Midnight Epiphyllum impression.
  • Bailey likes a little cream in his coffee. Luna likes a little chocolate in hers.
  • Bailey knows the words to "Red Solo Cup."
  • Bailey is the guy who fills out all the restaurant comment cards completely, and leaves multi-paragraph reviews on Yelp.

Cut Scenes

Date Cut Scene Summary
October 30, 2221 But A Man A young man sets down the path of vengeance.
September 22, 2222 Swallow The Moon Bailey joins forces with Hyde once more.
November 1, 2222 Operation Ada What does not kill Bailey will make him stronger.
November 13, 2222 The Man Who Falls Bailey begins his training under Kraft.
November 30, 2222 Christmas Letter Bailey writes home.
December 26, 2222 Our Carved Memory Bailey completes his training with Kraft.
January 13, 2223 Lights Out Bailey continues making bad decisions. This one may cost him his life.
January 16, 2223 Lost The Manual Bailey awakens to new powers and new responsibilities.
February 06, 2223 The Geometry Of Vengeance Daryn begins teaching Bailey about the sword in philosophy and deed.
March 7, 2223 Keeping The Blade Jack Krauser begins teaching Bailey about the sweet science of knife fighting.
March 12, 2223 Inexorable Tangent Bailey succeeds in killing Cyber Peacock. So why does he feel so terrible?
May 17, 2223 Lunar Child Bailey's condition is steadily degenerating.
June 19, 2223 Breaking A Circle Bailey resolves to protect the world from Ra Moon, the FMians, or anything else that would destroy everything.
September 5, 2223 Stereo Instructions Bailey recieves cryptic commands.
December 31, 2223 Candle On The Water Bailey helps to save the world, but he still can't go home again.
September 11, 2224 The F Word Bailey's efforts to forget about his family are stymied by the determined efforts of his sister.
November 7, 2224 The Caring Package Bailey is shaken by the words and deeds of Xianghua Xue. He then recieves a package which forces him to make a life-changing decision.
December 25, 2224 Homecoming Bailey goes home.
July 26, 2225 A Sword Goes On Forever Graduation.
September 1, 2225 Breaking It In The suit makes a man.
January 30, 2226 Task Force Django The D will be silent.
May 20, 2226 Born Again Her secret written across his sky.
May 23, 2226 Iteration "Iterate."
February 5, 2227 Endurance Waiting for Godot. With a knife.
August 8, 2227 One Of Those Weeks You ever have one of those weeks?
March 4, 2228 A Future Built On A Dream Build the future.
December 16, 2228 Heritage What we become starts with what we were.
September 11, 2229 Knife Slides Easy Bailey attempts to escape into making Sunday dinner. It doesn't work.