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Bob Copper
Da Chief
Da Chief
Personal Information
Real Name Robert Coplowicz
Code Name Bob Copper
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s His Parents
Birth Date April 30, 2162
Serial Number 78-4345-6754-3
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Security Section
Function The Commish
Assignment Just The Facts, Ma'am
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Space Cop
Secondary Specialty Black Hole of Paperwork
Weapons .45 Daisy, Police Baton, Old-Fashioned Police Work
Primary Age and Treachery
Type Physical
Secondary Baton Daly Style
Type Physical
Buster Colors Olive and Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force
Voice Actor Powers Boothe
Theme Song The Chicago Code - Main Theme

Character Data

"I don't care who you say you are. You're under arrest."


Profile - Bob Copper is an old cop keeping peace in a brave new world. Legally known as Robert Coplowicz, this 6th-generation police officer got his nickname after decades of hard life and harder crimes left him a near-fullcon cyborg. After a long career with Chicago homicide and Satellite Police, Bob was forced to retire from the former and has been appointed chief of the latter as part of the new Star Force. Bob is known for his willingness to consider fringe science, Fortean events, and anything else off the wall in pursuit of the truth, although he's just as quick to discard theories that aren't supported by the evidence. A life time of fighting crime and the worst of sapient life has left Bob a cynical man, with only the rare hint of hopefullness and kindness deep within him. He never wanted his new position, but he will do everything in his power to keep himself and his officers fighting the good fight.


Police Procedure, Small Arms, SWAT Tactics, I Want To Believe, Hard Boiled, A Cigarette, A Cup Of Coffee And A Jelly Donut Looks Like Breakfast To Me, Heart Of Nickel-Cadmium, There's Your Way And There's The Chicago Way, Likes It Deep Dish, Bad At Baseball, One Good Cop, Chief Noir, Still Not On The Take, Weakness: Paperwork, Stuck Behind a Desk, Because He's Using It As Cover


Cut Scenes



  • "Not saying a word. You really think I'm gonna talk about my family in public, with my job?"


  • General - "Didn't get to see the chief much when he was still here, but I heard a lot about him. I was just a contract guy for the Force then. From what I hear, it's a real shame I didn't get to work with him."
  • Jack Baryl - "New boss, and he was into some really shady stuff. And of course, it's classified need to know, and I really doubt the person who handles classification thinks anyone needs to know. He's given some info, but I figure someone's gonna need to find more. Buried stuff just doesn't stay buried, nowadays, and I'd rather be prepped for it."
  • Hi-Max - "We met once, when my contract with the old Repliforce started. Seems smart enough, but I dunno how he's gonna handle things now that he has control over SatPol in general."

Satellite Police

  • Blizzard Wolf - "The dossier says he is real serious about security. We could use that, and his healthy dose of paranoia. Well, assuming he ever shows up to meet me."
  • Chaud - "This guy's been through a lot more than me, and he has done all sorts of combat. If SatPol needs heavy backup from someone in-house, you could do a lot worse than this guy. Just need to make sure he's able work that's a little lower-key than his normal stuff."
  • Denise Marmalade - "She has spirit, I'll give her that. And she's a cop with power armor experience. If she doesn't burn out or burn away from the job here, she's going to go far."
  • Midi - "You know why there's a typewriter in my office? Real hard to hack into a sheet of paper. Way too many crooks think stuff can be kept private online. With some good warrants, I'm sure Midi can make their error work for us."
  • Rho - "The UN's a monster in a lot of places, and I'm no good at even talking to a lot of them without pissing them off, let alone get through the red tape to the good stuff. I'm sure Rho's LEGIONS work'll help with that and the day to day investigating."
  • Shield Shellfish - "More paranoid and cynical than me, and that's saying something. That's someone I could get to trust, someday. She says she's military and not police, and she is really tough. But I still think she could be a brilliant detective, and as long as she's able to make a difference doing that work, I'm sure she'll love it."


  • Geo Stelar - "Yeah, I was wrong about him before. Still don't trust the kid, or his buddies in TASC."
  • Orion Corth - "He helped out a lot on the Juno case, and he knows his science. And yeah, I read about his past. He isn't doing that now, is he?"

Active Cases

  • Black Joe - "Should have stayed in Tianna, Joey-boy. You know how easy it is to get a warrant for an escapee?"
  • Prismatic Spider - "He's no maverick, but he's still an idealistic idiot who thinks punching the world in the face will do more than get the world pissed off. The longer he goes, the worse it's gonna get. And he needs to step away from this game before it's too late."
  • Chad Broderson and Skull Man- "Great. A budding serial killer and his mentor. How heartburn-inducing. But Broderson got caught once, and that was before the idiot melted off half his face with a flashbang. He ain't gonna be able to run forever. He'd just better hope I catch him before wily gets board or Skull resets again. And Skull...? I hope to hell he either resets or we find a way to put him on ice long term, because he is way the hell too dangerous to leave unchecked."


Robert Coplowicz is the latest generation in a long string of cops, born in the opening days of the UN-China war, and with an older brother and a younger sister. He was also lucky - his father came home from the war, letting the young man learn from his father how to be a police officer. With that history, Bob was all but fated to join the force, and join he did in 2182. He did his job, and he did it well - starting from a rank rookie, he worked his way up to Detective rank, and then to the prestigious Homicide department. Bob didn't have an interest in starting a family - that was his sister's thing. At least, at first - but that happens later. Much of bob's life can be defined by a handful of moments. The first was in November 2199. For once, Robert was off the job, albeit not by choice. The E-Line Killer was a tough case, leading to an even tougher firefight, and the doctors ordered him to stay home while he recovered. Thanks to that, he was sitting at home watching the Global Science and Technology Expo on TV when the world got introduced to Blues, and through him the introduction of AI. That moment made Bob realize how much the world had changed already, and how much it could change. That moment led Bob to his love of the fringe and the unusual, and it also eventually led Bob to become a full-throated supporter of AI rights.

It also led to Bob's one true love: Clara DeWitte. She was a cyberneticist, and a smart one at that. They knew each other in passing, thanks to Bob's regular bullet-related checkups. But it was in mid 2200 that that they really met each other. Robert was in for a follow-up appointment when he heard Dr. DeWitte and another doctor at the hospital in a massive argument about androids and Dr. Light's recent self-imposed exile to Japan. DeWitte was supporting Light's move, while the other doctor started calling it treason. Robert stepped in on Dr. DeWitte's side, and soon enough they got the other doctor to concede. Afterwards, Dr. DeWitte thanked the detective, but childed him on his transparent attempt to get a date.

They still went on a date that night. And the next week. Before they knew it, they had fallen madly in love. And on September 19, 2208, the two were married. It was a happy time for the both of them, even when they learned they couldn't have kids. Instead, Clara devoted herself to cybernetics and the new Reploid technology. Bob had an idea of what she was planning - he was too good of a detective to not know. And it took some convincing, but he came around to the idea.

The next time his life changed was in 2211, after the April Fools Day Massacre. Robert was on the streets, like every other cop anywhere, trying desperately to keep the peace in the wake of the Robot Masters' war. He got injured in arrest after arrest, battle after battle with the scum spilling over in the streets. He didn't have time to get anything more than basic treatment, and it showed as the weeks went forward. Finally, in July 2011, his body finally gave out in the middle of a routine investigation, and Bob had to be hospitalized. Thankfully his wife was on call then, and she was able to give him his first cybernetic replacement to keep him alive. Even still, they both desperately continued their jobs, trying to keep order. The time took its toll, and in early 2212, a slip of a needle left Clara infected with a terminal disease. With the support of her husband, and even as her body slowly wasted away, Clara worked feverishly on her special project. But eventually, the disease took its toll, and on September 19, 2212, Clara Coplowicz passed away.

Robert never did find out if she was able to finish that reploid, designed by both of them to be their child. He wanted to check, but back then, reploids were little more than property. Before Robert could even try to save it, the 'property' was taken by the hospital as payment for Clara's medical bills. Even today, Robert hasn't been able to track it down.

Even after that, Robert continued his job, getting more and more cybernetic replacements along with his collars. Soon, Robert Coplowicz became plain old "Bob Copper". the only people left who always call him by his real name are his sister, her kids, and their kids. his time in the CPD led to a stint in LEGIONS, a second job with the Satellite Police, and eventually even a contract gig with the Repliforce. He made more contacts, kept doing his work, and even occasionally did some good - like his assistance in the whole Juno incident. Even still, the Prismatic Spider incident hit him hard. To leave like that, and with what happened afterwards? He took it as a personal failure - anoth er blown case, which he can't let happen again.

Bot for now, the final shock to Bob's life was a recent one. April 30, 2225. Bob turned 63, and had over 40 years on the force with the CPD. But he's broken up a lot of corruption, something the force didn't appreciate. So when he turned 63, they had their excuse to kick him out - good old forced retirement. And retire him they did, leaving Bob with just his Satellite Police work. And two weeks later, even that gets turned upside down as SatPol gets absorbed into the Security Section, and bob is picked to be its new chief. Thanks to that, now Bob is stuck as Section chief, forced to learn a whole new set of tricks and keep the force together within the 'Force.